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Like I had mentioned in a previous card, my name is often misspelled. Now the other problem, I always encounter is NEVER finding anything personalize in my name....but there were plenty of KELLYsss!!! ...*sigh*...oh how badly, I wanted a seashell bottle with my name on it (T_T)
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Girl, you're telling me. I never find my name. Ever. You would think it'd be common enough, but nope.
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Yep, you and me are in the same boat, I've NEVER met another CALLIE ever but plenty of KELLY's, lolz
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I know! What's up with that? Our names just don't get any love.
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I was listening to the radio yesterday, one of the dj's was talking about the personalized coke things going around lol. k so he's like I accepted when I was little that I'd never have anything personalized cus never will I find anything that says sanj haha. he's like but in India sanj is like the name john haha. Callie your name I can't recall ever meeting a Callie till I met you. uuh since then I've only met one other. hooow ever the times I have seen your name in places it's always cale never Callie haha.
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@mrkockX oh i love the new coke themes, very cute!! i agree, ive never met another CALLIE and others who knows me has said the same thing. i think you're the only person who's actually met another CALLIE besides me, (*_*)
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