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Genre: Angst, Vampire AU
Pairing: Reader x Jungkook (or is it)
Length: 3112 words
Summary: Love bites? Like hell it does.
Part: 5/?
“Don’t take that blade out, whatever you do”, Hoseok ordered, stepping forward. “It’s what’s gonna keep him dead. The minute it’s out, he’ll wake up.”
He tried to steer me out of the room, away from Jackson, but I shrugged him off, and eyes them all coldly. “Why the fuck did it take you all ten minutes to get your asses down here?”
Taehyung spoke this time. “Whichever one of Jackson’s friends had the job of breaking my neck, didn’t do it properly. I woke up and heard you two, so I woke up everyone else. It took ages because well.. their necks weren’t healed.”
“I think mine’s still broken in places”, Jimin groaned.
“I don’t understand”, Jin mumbled, shaking his head. “None of us have the strength to fight Jackson yet you, a new vampire, made it look like the easiest thing in the world.”
“Why’s he so strong?”, I asked. “What makes him different from you lot?” I watched as Hoseok dealt with his body.
There was a pause. Jin’s eyes widened. Then Namjoon’s. Then Yoongi’s.
“What?”, Jungkook pressed. “What is it?”
“Jackson is a hybrid vampire. Someone started to turn him, but as a half-life, he fought them off. So another vampire knocked him out and finished the job”, Namjoon explained.
“Yeah, but y/n was only turned by one person. Me”. Jungkook replied, confused. Jungkook’s eyes flashed ed when he was met by silence. Next to him, Taehyung looked even more confused, if that was possible.
“OK, what the fuck is going on? Tell me!”
My eyes automatically flitted to Yoongi, to find his dark gaze already on me. Jungkook was next to me in a flash. “Which one them did it?, he growled in my ear.
“Did what? Stop me from dying?”I asked. “Because you left me for dead, and a friend of yours saved me. So why are you mad?”
“Because that means, I’m not the only one you like! Who the fuck...Jimin hyung was it you? You were asked to keep an eye on her.”
Jimin just shook his head. Jungkook veins wee starting to darken in anger when Yoongi snapped, “That’s enough. I did it maknae.”
“You?! You fucking turned my girl!”
“No, I saved her. There’s a differen-”
Before Yoongi could finish, Jungkook had slammed into him in his rage. By now Hoseok had returned- god knows where he’d put Jackson’s body- and delved straight in along with Jin to stop the fight.
All the boys started to yell at the two, except Namjoon, who wisely kept an eye on me to make sure I wasn’t about to go anywhere. When I looked down at my hands, I saw they were shaking. I really needed a source of energy, but didn’t know what else vampires could drink or eat.
When after 5 minutes of no one being able to stop them, I slowly walked right in between them, making Jungkook stop dead. Honestly, it didn’t take a lot to calm him down. I brushed my thumb over the already healing cut on his cheek. “Please stop fighting.” He glared at Yoongi over my shoulder, but nodded, stepping back.
After Jin suggested everyone should go back to bed, Jungkook was the fist to storm off, Yoongi soon after. Then Jimin and Taehyung. Then Hoseok and Jin. Finally, only me and Namjoon where left.
I knew he was waiting for me to move, but I didn’t.
“If you think I’m leaving you to roam around at night, then you’re stupid.”
“If you think I’ll be able to sleep after what just happened then you’re stupid”, I retorted, eyes narrowed.
“Go. Now.”
“What’re you gonna do, Joonie? Strangle me?” His eyes flashed at the nickname. “Don’t call me that. That’s what she... Never mind. Just go.” I stared at him curiously for a moment, before sighing and walking upstairs as slow as I could.
I sensed Namjoon was close behind so I asked, “Where’s his body?”
Namjoon just chuckled. “Never you mind. But well done for not going with him tonight.”
“Why? Thought you didn’t like me?”
“Ah, I’d like you even less if you were one of Jackson’s minions.” And with that he turned off to go into his own room. I stared at the space he was stood, lost in thought, until I heard a small cough from the spare room they had given me.
I wasn’t the least bit surprised to find a still angry Jungkook on my bed. I slowly shut the door, and leaned on it. “Why are you here?”
“I wanted to talk.”
“Jungkook...”, I started, sighing at the notion of having a late night conversation with him, but he held up a hand to stop me.
“Let me finish. When I laid eyes on you at that party, I knew you where the one. Vampires just know. It’s instinct. Out of all of us, only Namjoon hyung’s been in a meaningful relationship, so he knew that night I had to turn you. He’s gone through it himself. You were meant to be all mine, but then Yoongi hyung...”, his handsome features contorted in anger at the very thought of Yoongi.
“Yoongi hyung decided to turn you instead of calling me. He’s part of the process, and that makes me so mad.”
He moved swiftly towards me at inhuman speed, trapping me against the door, making me gasp. “So I need to know, who is it? Who do you have feelings for? Is it me, or him?”
He had a feral look about him as he eyed me hungrily. “Or is it neither? Because if you really liked someone, you wouldn’t have tried to escape.”
I contemplated for a moment, choosing my words carefully. “Jungkook”, I breathed. “I wanted to run because I was convinced if I stayed here I’d end up a prisoner.”
His icy fingers stroked my cheek. “I wouldn’t let that happen. You only have to stay here at all hours until you get to grips with being a vampire. You’re still unstable, despite being strong and a lot more sensitive to your surroundings.”
“And as for you and Yoongi...I honestly don’t know Jungkook. When I’m with you, it’s different. When I’m with him, it’s different.” That was the most straightforward answer I could give, but obviously he wasn’t content.
“Why don’t I help you decide?”, he murmured. I didn’t miss the flash of red in his eyes. I instinctively raked my hand down his clothed chest and the simple action had him letting out breathy moans between parted lips.
“I’ve never met anyone like you”, he rasped. “You’re-
“-Different?”, I finished for him, a small smile etched onto my lips. I found myself hungrily eyeing his jugular, my self-control slowly coming apart. His lips caressed my skin, and I shivered at his touch.
When his lips finally reached mine, a low growl escaped him, and although his skin was cold, I was very much the opposite. His tongue swept over my lips and I eagerly granted him entrance to my mouth. When he pulled away, my mouth chased his and he chuckled.
His eyes were as black as the sky outside and in the dim light I could make out the dark veins spread across the side of his neck. I couldn’t help it as I traced the lines with my finger, my breathing tuning more hallow at the thought of-
“You know you want to”, Jungkook mused provocatively. “Why don’t you bite me?” I bit my lip as sweat started to form at my temples. I felt my fangs ripping though my gums and tried not to cry out in pain. He held me through it, whispering sweet nothings through his swollen lips.
My vision was a haze of lust and hunger as I slowly etched forward, grazing my teeth on his sensitive skin. “Baby, please”, he mumbled. “Do it.” I didn’t need further coaxing as my fangs easily sank down into him. The blood tasted divine- I started panting from pure want as I lapped up the blood.
The moan he released was sinful, and his reaction was to rock his hips into me. I reluctantly pulled away to let the wound heal, to pull him into a messy kiss. “You look so hot like that”, he groaned, wiping blood off my lip with his thumb, before holding it out for me to lick.
He looked ravenous as he got hold of my waist, and faster than I could process, flung me onto the bed to hover over me. I was still only wearing his shirt with nothing but my underwear underneath, and it was off in a heartbeat.
“Shit”, he muttered at the sight before him. He looked so fucked out already and we’d barely done anything. “Take it off”, he ordered, motioning to the one item of clothing I had left on.
I didn’t like being ordered around. I lunged forward and grabbed him, the two of us changing positions in a split second. I smirked down at him. “First you”, I demanded.
His expression went from shock to amusement and back to lust as he complied, taking off his clothes at breakneck speed. As promised, I also rid myself of the final article of clothing I had on before clambering onto the bed.
Hovering on top of him, I kissed his chest. “You need to be quiet, don’t you Jungkookie?”, I crooned, kissing his toned stomach lightly. “You need to be quiet so your hyungs don’t know what a dirty boy you are.”
He wet his lips at my words. “Let them”, he choked out. “Let them all know who’s you are, Princess.” Princess- that’s what Jackson called me. I pushed him out of my mind as I focused on the boy underneath me.
“I’m guessing we don’t need a condom”, I kissed his chest this time.
“I’m dead Princess- you can’t get pregnant from me.”
I suppose there were perks of this whole vampirism thing. No hickeys because the skin would heal. No birth control needed. Possibly the most powerful sex imaginable.
This time, my lips travelled to meet his as I sank down on him. He cursed against my mouth, his back arching off the bed, his groans guttural. “Y/n, oh my god!”
The next couple of hours- yes, hours- were spent in pure bliss. Jungkook just wouldn’t tire. After 5 minutes of laying there, he’d want more. His thrusts would kill a normal human, I’m pretty sure. I almost went flying but he placed a firm arm around my waist to keep me upright
“I imagined you felt good”, he gasped as his hips snapped to meet mine, relentlessly pounding into me. “But holy shit, you’re on another level!” I rolled my head back at the insane pleasure he was giving me for the hundredth time that night. As we both reached our release he collapsed on top. As I raked the hair out of his face, to reveal his skin shined with sweat, he whispered, “And you’re all mine.”
I fell asleep like that, with his words echoing in my head. The morning after, I woke to find the covers actually on top of me, and no sign of Jungkook. His smell still lingered as I allowed myself a small smile at the memories of last night. Or rather, last night after I killed Jackson. My eyes widened at the familiar clothes all piled up at the end of the bed- those were my clothes. How did Jungkook know where I had lived?
Nevertheless I showered and changed into a skirt and top combo- it was hot and it was only 9am according to the clock on the wall. I could hear them all downstairs, doing various activities. We;; I could hear six of them. I couldn’t hear Yoongi.
Then I heard Namjoon telling Jin that Yoongi had gone for a walk around the gardens. The sun wasn’t in the window- it was much too early for that- so I peeked outside, as the window overlooked the stretch of fields I assumed was theirs.
Sure enough, I spotted him in the distance. He was...what about two miles away?, but I could still make him out And more importantly, I could see his usually stoic face. He looked pained. Something was on his mind.
Without warning, his head shot up, and he looked directly at my window. I wondered if it was by chance, or whether his eyesight was like mine and he could actually see me.
I tested this out by giving him a little wave. His expression didn’t change, but he simply looked away, like he hadn’t seen me. I guessed that was the case and shrugged, moving away from the window.
Following Bangtan’s voices I found myself in the kitchen. Ironically, Namjoon was leaning against the very wall he tried to choke me. Jimin, Taehyung, Jungkook and Hoseok all had a bloodbag each, and I wrinkled my nose in disgust at how much they seemed to be enjoying them. But then I remembered last night when I had tried Jungkook’s blood...and instantly related.
Jungkook, who was in deep conversation with Jimin, looked up to give me a sly wink. “Enjoy last night?”, Taehyung asked with a grin, and I rolled my eyes and turned away, looking for actual food to eat.
After scouring through four or five empty draws, I huffed in frustration to find them all staring at me. “What are you doing?”, Jimin asked.
“What the hell do you lot eat? There’s no food”, I replied, like it was obvious. Jin was the first to start laughing, the rest of them soon following. “None of our internal organs work darling. We don’t need food.” I stared at him in horror.
“We have blood”, Jin offered, like that was a perfectly normal substitute. I just walked out without bothering to reply. There wasn’t anything to do here, what did these people do in the day?
I stopped dead at the sound of hushed whispers. “...Where the fuck is he? He didn’t come back last night.”
“...They didn’t...kill him? No, they couldn’t..He’s too strong..”
“So where is he Mark? He always comes back.”
I rushed back into the kitchen, a crazed look in my eye. “Who’s Mark?”
Jungkook stood up. “Why?” and at the same time Namjoon replied, “A friend of Jackson’s.”
“They’re here somewhere. Two of them. They’ve come looking for him.” I slowly realised that Yoongi was still outside. “Someone needs to go get Yoongi!”
“Yoongi can fend for himself”, Jungkook snapped. “The rest of Jackson’s friends are normal vampires like us. He can fight them.” I didn’t know whether Jungkook was being honest, or whether he was still mad at Yoongi.
I decided on the latter. “Someone get him or I will.”
“You don’t know how to get out”, Namjoon reminded me. I started to act like I did, hoping one of them would bring Yoongi in. “Jackson told me about the back door.”
Namjoon cursed under his breath and Hoseok sighed “I’ll get him, even though Jungkook’s right, there’s no need.”
I listened intently as Hoseok rushed away, his nimble movements almost silent. Out the kitchen..left...right...left...left...straight...right.. And then I heard the door opening. I gave a small smile. Now I knew the way out.
The way Jungkook was eyeing me right then...I wished vampires could read minds. Yoongi and Hoseok were back really quick. Ignoring Yoongi, I shut my eyes to see if I could hear anything.
“...Should we break in tonight?...”
“What if it’s a trap?”
“It’s worth a try Junior. Anyway you know what Bangtan are like. The won’t wake up.”
There was a bit of grumbling but eventually, this Junior agreed.
“OK”, I nodded, opening my eyes. “So there’s two of them. Mark and Junior. They’re gonna beak in tonight when they think you lot are asleep to try and find Jackson.”
I glanced at Hoseok, who was the only one out of them who knew where the bod was. “Why don’t you just permanently kill him and hand him over?”
Hoseok just scoffed. “That would end up with all of us dead. Killing their leader? Not a good idea.”
“Well how’s that any better than keeping their comatose leader hostage?”, I challenged. He didn’t have a reply.
I pressed him further. “So..what you’re saying is, we let Jackson live, we die. And if we kill Jackson...we die?”
“We’d have to run”, Jungkook mumbled, before Yoongi corrected him. “No, she’d have to run. None of us were involved with this.” I narrowed my eyes at how easily he was shifting the blame.
“I should’ve just gone with him then.”
“No, cus then he woulda ordered you to kill us for his fun”, Taehyung countered. I threw my hands up in frustration. Either way, no matter what I did or said, it was a lose-lose situation.
“You know what I’m gonna do?”, I practically growled. “I’m gonna find that god damn body, take that knife out. Then to pacify that fucker, I’m gonna go with him. You lot live, everybody’s happy.”
Taehyung opened his mouth, but I cut him off, “And if you’re worried about me turning on you, every time he orders me to kill you, I’ll just kill one of his friends.”
“No.” That’s all Jungkook said. I was more surprised by Yoongi giving a shrug and saying “OK. You started the problem so you can fix it.” My hands twitched as I felt a sudden urge to hit him, but I controlled myself.
I turned to see if I could find the body somehow, but before I could even step forward, Jungkook was in front of me. “The hell do you think you’re doing? If those two show up in the middle of the night, we can just kill them. You don’t have to go playing the hero here.”
I raised an eyebrow. “Tell me Jungkook, how many ‘friends’ does Jackson have?” Jungkook didn’t reply. Instead Namjoon spoke from behind me. “Hundreds. He has 6 close men, but loads of people follow him and listen to him.”
I scoffed. “You’re not gonna kill hundreds. So let me sort this out.” His eyes flashed in annoyance. I leaned in and gave him a peck on the cheek, and I could have sworn I heard Yoongi’s breath hitch.
“If you go with Jackson, you won’t come back.” That was Taehyung. I laughed. “Like any of you give a shit.”
“OK, this is dragging on now”, Yoongi snapped. “Hoseok, show her where the body is.” Hoseok looked conflicted as his eyes flitted between Namjoon and me, then Jungkook.
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Ack, Yoongi, don't let jealousy consume you 😢 Great chapter though :)
I'm sorry....BUT IF MY BABY DIES OR WHATEVER IN THIS STORY, I'M GOING CRAZY!!! (MARK) AND PLEASE DO NOT MAKE HIM FALL IN LOVE WITH THE READER IF SHE FREAKING ENDS UP GOING WITH JACKSON!!! So..You can have Mark already have a girlfriend (or wife), named.....I don't know...How about Aniya...Ohh, yeah, cool name right? I just thought of it!! So yeah, you can do that...Aniya must also be a vampire, oh and they should be married for like two years now....So yeah, that plan sounds awesome right?? Hmm, good job Ani- I mean @TaehyungV !!
yoongi is jelly lol
If they can't hear everything, then the morning after a night of passion must be really awkward 😂. Poor Yoongi! No wonder he's pissed. 😆
so if she's a hybrid does that mean she could have kids?? and another thing if jackson finds out would he want to be with her? are their other hybrids? n namjoon if he's sensitive to her calling him joonie would he fall for her? then it would be like a love pentagon thing since theirs 4 guys n one girl omg my mind is like blowing up thinking about all the possibilities
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