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Team Instinct Trust, Intuition & Destiny
Team Mystic Wisdom, Science & Tranquility
Team Valor Strength, Power & Perseverance
Team Harmony I know this isn't a legit team BUT instead of bashing other teams we all should have fun together no matter what TEAM we are on. Pokémon Go is a fun game for everyone to play to get people up and moving. To get people to socialize with others and actually interact. Without there being 3 teams we wouldn't be going anywhere... cause if there was only one team... yeah where is the fun in that?! x'D So play and go through the game catching them all, this game is supposed to be fun not hurtful to other teams :p Keep that in mind as you battle & Take over other team gyms!
So to conclude this card I once again ask the above question. Which team are you?! My Answer: Team Mystic
((Credit goes out to all creators of the above gifs and artists of the pictures!! Great Job!))
My phone can't download Pokémon Go, but if I could play it I would pick Mystic without a doubt.
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😄 @jjbosy
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Team Mystic!
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