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Well, I definitely am like that for Capricorn but I don't know if I'd agree on the rest.

In case you can't read them on the image:

Aries - Appetite Loss

Taurus - Abandon Regular Routines

Gemini - Fresh Complexion

Cancer - You Consider That Person to be Perfect

Leo - You Upgrade Your Looks

Virgo - You Daydream

Libra - You Build an Addiction

Scorpio - You Feel Better About Life

Capricorn - You Find Their Quirks Cute Not Annoying

Aquarius - You Talk About Them

Pisces - You Support Them

Do you agree or disagree?

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True for me Virgo, although I tend to daydream all the time lol!!
Sagittarius all the way. yes
Taurus. hmmm. i guess i could ask for more overtime. cuz there no way ima stop work work work work work
i am Leo...maybe its time to upgrde my looks... hahaha...
I'm Aquarius and I disagree but that's more of a personal thing, I honestly don't like talking about myself or who I'm infatuated with... It's for me and only me to know.