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Are YOU 달라?

다르다 - To be different

다른 여자 - Different girl (as in, "not that one, a different one" OR "she's different, unique")

(da-reun yeo-ja)

달라요 - Different


Listen at 0:56

The whole chorus is saying:

나는 달라, 나는나는 나는 달라

I'm different, I am, I am, I am different.

Listen at 0:10

The whole chorus is saying:

다른 남자 말고 너

Not a different guy, YOU!

Who is proud of being different?

For example, I have bright red hair and I was the only kid in my high school that knew what Kpop was >.<
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I'm very different but I love it!
a year ago·Reply
I've always been proud to be different
a year ago·Reply
Me! ☺
a year ago·Reply
Yes I am!! And @UKISSsaranghae yes that is their song wow
a year ago·Reply
I am!
a year ago·Reply