It isn't hard to make me cry because I'm a very very empathetic person, also if it has anything to do with animals getting hurt or abandoned I'm done for. So this is a list of MV's that either made me cry 5 tears or 5 buckets of tears. It varies. And some of these only made me cry the first time I saw them, and some of these make me cry EVERY time I see them. I'll be ranking it from not-that-bad to oh-god-please-make-the-pain-stop-my-heart-is-actually-tearing-itself-apart. Wheeee~
Also this isn't an original idea, I saw a card by @destiny1419 this morning and was like I WANNA DO THAT TOO, so now I have. Check out their card too!
Here we goooo:
It's a little strange to put this at the very bottom... because I cry a little EVERY time I watch it, but I put it as last because I don't exactly cry because of the MV although that is definitely a part of it. The scenes where GD is sobbing in the bathroom and then the very end where he passes out on the dance floor... always get it rolling. I cry every time because of the story behind it though, the meaning of the song. My heart aches a little to think of what GD had to go through.
Also fun fact: It's rumored that GD was actually crying in the bathroom scene, that he just broke down and sobbed. Apparently someone during the production shared that information. Makes it even more sad.
This only really made me cry the first time I saw it, but when I rewatch it I always tear up. Throughout the MV, all the boys are obviously distressed and in pain so it's hard to watch them. However the first time I actually cried, it was because of the scene with the sign on the bridge. I thought that boy jumped off... I still don't really know if he did? But they show him at the end with the others, so I think I was wrong. Still the meaning behind the song itself is just sad, Love sucks.
Other reasons to cry during this MV include but are not limited to the smooth dancing, the vocals, and the FREAKING GORGEOUS MAN IN ONLY HIS UNDERWEAR. Ahem, yes - quite.
Ah yes, B.A.P., my babes. I love this group so much it hurts, and when I first saw this MV I bawled like a baby. Now when I watch it, I just tear up. The ending always gives me chills and a very bad feeling. Also the vocals are beautiful AS ALWAYS. (If you aren't a BABY yet, what are you waiting for? Come to the dark side, we have a man with the voice of a whale and a giant maknae.) It's also just hard for me to watch my boys cry, even if it's just for an MV.
Bonus fact: Himchan, who does the ending scene, was SCARED to do it. He had a very uneasy feeling about it because of the implications.
I think this MV would definitely be even higher on the list if I was more familiar with Monsta X, but even with the little I do know - this hits hard. The song is amazing of course, THAT RAP THO! And the video is like a movie, a very very sad movie. The abuse makes me tear up first... but then I assume that the blue stuff they made is poison? So there are people killing themselves... and then the scene where the dude climbs in to the bathtub and they hold hands and die together? So sad. I really love this MV, it's what made me want to get more into Monsta X.
Ah yes, we're in the "i-cray-evry-tim" territory. This is an OST for a drama, not exactly an MV I guess since the scenes are from episodes and stuff but Imma count it. This makes me cry - sob HARD, every time I watch it. It might not make much sense if you don't know at least a little of what's going on... basically the young dude is the son of a lawyer that gets charged with some scary stuff and arrested. The young dude has some kind of case where he remembers every detail of every day but when his father gets arrested and he KNOWS he's innocent, and goes out to prove him so - he gets Alzheimer's and starts forgetting everything. Yeah... YEAH ... FUCKING YEAH! That's so unbelievably sad brosephs. And K Will's lovely voice, along with the meaning in the lyrics is enough to make sure I need to hug my dog and feel some love.
This is actually another drama OST I think, but Davichi are my girls and when I watch this MV... I die a little and so does whatever device I'm watching it on because it makes me ANGRY sad, not just sad.
Fun fact: If you get to the end and see who the guy picks and be like "Oh well I guess I understand, at least those two can be happy again" BAHAHAHA WRONG! The girl he picks is actually IN on the entire plan. So yeah, no fucking happy endings for anyone.
"Why is this so high? This isn't even as bad as I Need U!" No you're wrong. You're all wrong. (Not really, you're entitled to your opinions.) I think that Run is the worst part of this painful BTS experience. Worst as in THIS SHIT IS WHAT MAKES ME WANT TO GATHER THEM ALL AND BABY THEM AND MAKE SURE THEY NEVER EVER CRY AGAIN. Why? Well we know that there are multiple theories and all to this, and some favor one over the other. The theory I follow personally is that Jin is dead and everyone around him is suffering. Hence THIS MV IS THE MOST PAINFUL because if you really pay attention you can see that even while they're having fun... they're suffering. Jin is never actually there so every time they get pulled in, they're delusional. V is crying by the train tracks. Suga is violent and Jungkook can't calm him down. Eventually Jungkook has no one as well. That's bad enough, all of that is BAD enough. But! The ending. The ending is what always leaves me with so much pain, because it's actually a HAPPY ending if you look at it in a certain way. The camera zooms LIKE a WINDSHIELD of a TRUCK, a truck that a certain SOMEONE was driving all this time. (*cough* Jin *cough*) and then there's the light that looks like headlights. I think that Jungkook looking back and smiling... shows that he notices Jin and is telling him that it's okay, and they'll be okay and that he can move on. Jin never left them because he was afraid of them destroying themselves when he's gone (like they were, bad kids bad) and so in the end... Jin finally passes on.
There's a lot more to the theory I follow and I scattered it all around, I promise it makes some kind of sense if you heard it in legible form. Either way, the fact that I'm also a really big ARMY... this MV always breaks me down. ALWAYS.
"But TheEnlightment, is this the end? Is this the worst one?"
There's one more. And it is - drumroll please:
Yo... fam, you don't even know how much emotional pain I can feel and still be on this plane of existence. This MV... it has EVERYTHING to make me cry AND it even plays at one of my worst fears. That fear being... going blind. Fun fact about me: I actually have a chance of going blind when I'm a little older, in my 30s. So I'm terrified of it.
Now let's take this apart, shall we? First, it's really cute. The guy is cute, the girl is pretty. There's ART to be made and umbrellas to be shared. Daww. And THEN! He starts to go blind... and it's slow and it's painful LIKE THE BALOON SCENE, because I'm assuming he was kind of in denial about it. Then when he can't make the pot right and he gets angry and the girl finally notices... or when the pot breaks on the floor and he's searching around. OR THE SCENE WHERE HE'S ALONE IN THE POURING RAIN AND HE'S JUST FEELING IT CAUSE HE CAN'T FUCKING SEE!
But the worst scene for me... is when he's touching her face, and they're crying. Because it isn't so much that I'm afraid of being blind because I think that I wouldn't be able to do what I wanted to do anymore... but just that I'm afraid of not seeing beauty anymore, and even worse not being able to see my lover's face. That hits hard... too hard. I need a doctor. EXO breaks in: SOMEONE CALL THE DOCTOR NO, NO GO AWAY, NO ONE ASKED FOR YOU. YOU AREN'T ON THIS LIST!
Well that's my list. Also dudes, I rewatched every MV I put on here... and so yes, I have in fact been crying alone in front of my computer for the past hour. Funsies.
Did you cry at any of these? Did you find any new songs to jam to?
@CosmicCassidy What about you? I know it's hard to get you to cry and all.
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@TheEnlightment so happy to know that I'm not the only one that cries when I see and/or hear Run
@AaliyahNewbell oh girl, for sure. I will always be crying with you xD
@TheEnlightment yes as soon as I saw it on the list ....I immediately went to watch the video
@TheEnlightment *hugs back* People like us need to stick together ^-^