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I really didn't know what to call this chapter, so I just left it blank. I'll probably figure it out later......Maybe.... 😁. Anyway, hope you guys like it!
Namjoon's POV My wings cut through the wind like a knife as all four of us glided across the sky, heading to a small abandoned house in the country. It was where Jimin and his little pack liked to stay when they came to the surface. Away from the underworld where it was so dark and gloomy. I started to scowl as we rose higher. This was all so stupid and I was sick of it. "Are you ok?" Hoseok suddenly asked me, soaring just below me. "What do you think?" I spit back, glaring. Hoseok shrugged his shoulders casually. "We all know you're going through a tough time, with pretending to be Ara's brother and all, but you need to relax. You'll end up getting yourself killed. " I pulled my hair back with my hands and sighed harshly as I stared ahead, into the night, the cold air crashing onto my face. " I know, but lately it seems like I can't control myself." I mumbled, just enough for me to hear. It was pitch black as we walked into their dreaded house and I kicked down their door to enter. It really wasn't a house to begin with, since nothing was in it except for a beat up couch, so it didn't matter if I broke a thing or two. I could immediately see one of those filthy things laying on it and instantly ran to him, grabbing his neck, and lifting him up. "Where's Jimin!" I shouted. The guy lazily opened his eyes slowly, purposely trying to rile me up even more. I violently shook him back and forth as Hoseok, Taehyung and Jin surround him. "Calm down Namjoon!" Jin put a hand on my shoulder, but I just shook it off. "Yoongi is one of the most powerful Devils there are. You don't want to get him pissed for something this little." I glared at Jin, mentally yelling at him to stop. I knew what I was doing and I knew exactly who I was dealing with. Yoongi smirked and turned his eyes red, trying to intimidate me. "He's right, You should watch yourself." He calmly said. I laughed harshly and tightened my grip. "Just tell me where Jimin is. I know he was with Ara today." Yoongi rolled his eyes and yawned, like he didn't care that he was on the verge of getting his neck snapped and looked to the side. "You know you're pretty violent for an angel." He chuckled. I shook him again and making him look at me. "Well your pretty relaxed for a devil, so shut up and tell me where Jimin is." Hoseok suddenly looked at me nervously. "You're pushing it Namjoon." I sent him a death glare and immediately turned my eyes completely white, a indication that if anyone kept pestering me I would break their neck too. "Are you upset that we found her so easily?" He said, smiling slightly. I narrowed my eyes, and in a flash snapped his neck. Yoongi instantly fell to the ground, lifeless. But, after about seven seconds he suddenly started to laugh hysterically. His neck straightening itself out as he slowly started to stand up. "Shit, Namjoon. You've really done it now." Taehyung said annoyed, backing up a few feet. Yoongi's eyes turned a crimson red and he bared his fangs, his mood changing completely. "Now that wasn't smart. What? You're that upset that we found Ara in a week when it took you five months to even find a clue?" He pierced the air with his scowl and stood there. "Shut up." I spat. "Or is that she doesn't remember that you love her?" I started to clench my jaw in anger as I remembered. "Wait, I know. You're mad that you have to pretend to be siblings when you guys aren't even related in the slightest." I balled my fists and looked at him, shaking. "I going to kill you!" I seethed and grab his neck again, but I was to slow this time and Yoongi grabbed my wrists, making fire come out of his hands and kicked me in the stomach, sending my flying. I landed, loudly, with a thud on the wall and fell down. Taehyung, Jin and Hoseok looked at me and back at Yoongi, their eyes, angrily glowing a bright white and attacked. Yoongi shook his head in disappointment as he lite all up and down his arms and immediately punched Jin in the face. "You're so stupid if you think I'm going to tell you where Jimin is." He growled, blocking a kick from Hoseok. I groaned and instantly got up, looking,angrily, at how one devil could take on three Angels. I was about to go knock him unconscious again, only this time it was going to to permanent, when we all suddenly heard a voice sigh loudly and we all looked as another person emerged from the shadows. "You're going to destroy the place Yoongi." The guy smirked, slowly walking into the light of the moon that was showering the inside the house. "Great, now you've woken up the other one." Taehyung said, rubbing his arm where a burn mark was already showing. I cursed under my breath and unfurled my wings. I wasn't expecting Jungkook to be here. Usually he would be out hunting at this time of night. "Where's Jimin, Jungkook." I said for the millionth time tonight. Jungkook just smirked, his red eyes radiating. "Now, there's a good question." He said, cockily. My blood started to boil. Why couldn't they just answer a simple question! All I wanted to do was to kill all three of them. Yoongi smiled, using the opportunity to use his speed to kick all of us in the stomach. I staggered back at the strength of the impact and grunted. Both of them laughed and unfurled their jet black wings, jumping up and flying through a window, shattering the glass. "Follow them!" I yelled, running through the door and jumping into the air. Taehyung, Jin and Hoseok did the same and we all raced to chase them and I was hopeful that they were leading us right to Jimin. Ara's POV I hung my head, gritting my teeth as I sat on my bed. "Stupid Namjoon." I seethed. I was already vexed and now I had a splintering headache. I tightened my grip even tighter as the pain intensified. "Shit." But there was no way I was going to walk back out again when I just slammed my door a few minutes ago. I just need to suck it up and endure the pain. I gritted my teeth even harder and dug my feet into my mattress. I just don't get why they just won't tell me! It's my memories, not theirs. I have a right to know. I dramatically slumped back into the blankets annoyed and listen to my heavy breathing as my head thumped. "There's something I'm not remembering. I know it. It's on the tip of my tongue." My headache instantly escalate as I tired to remember and I clenched my hair, rolling on my side. "This headache is killing me though. Maybe I can sneak and get something quickly......" I breathed unevenly and slowly started to get up to walk to the door, using my bed stand as a support system, but as I took one step the pain elevated again, causing me to gasp and fall back, at the same time that my mind started to replay a memory. -I felt the air race against my face and I looked around to where I was, because I certainly wasn't back in my room. The lights of the town danced beneath me and the darkness of the night sky painted me in all black. "Where am I?" I whispered, looking down at the lights. A pair of strong arm tightened around me and I surprisingly looked up and saw Namjoon carrying me. He looked like he was frowning, but as soon as he saw me he smiled slightly. "It's ok Ara. You're safe now." He said soothingly. "What do you mean?" I asked, raising an eyebrow. Namjoon suddenly looked at me a little taken back from my question. "What do you mean? Don't you remember?" I shook my head and heard Namjoon curse under his breath. "Jimin must of wiped your memory." He said, raising higher. I rapidly looked around, finally realizing that we were flying in the air. Wait, how are we not falling out of the sky! I crocked my head to see behind Namjoon and saw a pair of giant white wings coming out of his white t-shirt. I screamed instantly and pushed myself away from him, which wasn't every smart seeing that we were flying and started to pumble to the ground. "Ara!" Namjoon yelled, trying to desperately reach for me. As I fell fire lit the dark sky and I heard shouting from all different directions. The wind burned my face and I used my hands to shield me. I saw Namjoon race after me, but I didn't dare reach out my hand. Instead, I let the sudden coolness of the water engulf me.- I suddenly woke up, jolting up from my bed. My breathing unsteady for a few minutes as my brain processed where I was. I looked around quickly, seeing that I was back in my room with the lights on. I slowly cocked my head to the side. Did I leave the light on? I don't think I did....And what am I doing in my bed? I thought I was walking to the door. I suddenly gripped my head expecting pain to shoot out, since I was trying to remember, but was met with absolutely nothing. Wait, my head doesn't hurt? That's weird. I tore the covers off me to stand up, but a hand suddenly came out of no where and pulled me back down. "Woah there, don't get up just yet." The guy said, laughing slightly. I looked up and saw Jimin standing in front of me, a tiny smile plastered on his face. "Jimin? What are you doing here?"
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