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Okay hey everyone so I love to make story that contains tragic event and Angst all that stuff that cause you to cringe and shed tears. If you read my story and one shot you should already know that lol. But I always hold back because I don't want to get in trouble or make something that nobody would like so before making it im going to ask you guys who would like to be tagged. ALSO I WILL BE HAVING DIFFERENT COVER FOR each PART NOT THE FRONT COVER JUST LIKE FOR EACH PART IT'LL HAVE ANOTHER PHOTO.... HOPE THAT MAKE SENSE.
WARNING VIOLENCE FOUL LANGUAGE ANGST SMUT RATED M Detail some scene may contain subject and events that some reader may find disturbing. adult language, detailed violence,sexual content, drug and alcohol usage. Intended for mature readers only. this fictional story all characters are not base on how the people really are. reader discretion is advised. Enter At your own choice
it just happen, we didn't expect it at all,it was all just by surprise. he was this sweet shy boy that had just moved in next door.
"Hey there my name is (Y/N) I'm your next door neighbor"

"hi, you can call me dean..."
his smile was so sweet and pure......but a smile can be deceiving... and nothing in this world could ever be so pure....
"I'll hold you even if the world turns on you"
"please make it stop dean...." we were young and foolish taken by the thought of love and being loved....
"until we die just you and I okay...."
"I promise...."
"You can't leave me!...."
"why are you doing this!" but unlike fairytale storys, our world shifted and what was once so beautiful and pure...
"you fucking Bitch!!"
"I hate you!" "you bastard!!"
"I didn't mean to hurt you..."
"please don't leave!"
"I love you..."
"I hate you...."
"I miss you"
"I need you" became a living nightmare, a unhealthy desire by the heart that slowly begins to loose the rythum of its beat...And even when the red flag was up, we didn't bother to even acknowledge it. we were to absorb by the heat and pleasuring feeling that we felt. the warm touch and sweat that drip down our body's. we want to stop it but It was like a drug that we became addict too. a disease that was incurable, a disease that slowly was killing us inside. "No! please!" "It's okay... its going to be okay" "please... it hurts...please stop...PLEASE" "you can try to deny it but you know it's not that simple" we became these monster that chased after something that wasn't there. we held onto a thin rope that was close to ripping. we fought for all the wrong reasons yet we continue to walk down this road.... side by side until....


the sound of a gun shot was last heard and a hollow laughter that slowly begin to fade away and turn into the sound of a sob growing louder into screaming cry of despair.... "tell me you love me (Y/N)" "shh... its okay it'll all go away soon" "Dean.... I love you so much" we wanted that romeo and Juliet love story but in the end we got that Bonnie and Clyde romance. but either way, no matter which story it was, in the end they both die.... right.... ------ "hi... my name is (Y/N) I'm your next door neighbor" you smiled "Hello, you can call me Dean" he said with a sweet smile.
this is just the brief summary of what I have plan out tell me if you wish to be tagged to this story or not okay. I'm tagging all my Homies of every taglist to see if any of you are interested. THE HOMIES @RedChord @MarrickeJ33 @SugaMint @aliendestina @yaya12 @LemonLassie  @AnnaCruz @SamanthaAcosta  @AaliyahNewbell @alyssatunstall  @MomoChamie @Courtney96 @resavalencia @AimeeH @Maribelita @Starbell808 @luna1171 @merryjayne13 @CrystalGuerra  @Rachelwoo2 @xoxorittie @XionHeart  @AmberFranco @LocoForJiyong @AlexisRiver @AbbyRoscoe @VatcheeAfandi99 @JaxomB @jjrockstar  @MrsJungHoseok  @merryjayne13 @AlexisCortez @Ttwolf74  @XergaB20  @aiisson  @pharmgirlerin @senia  @ShinoYuki @ElisabethGraceG @RosaAldaz  @Kyokeo @AraceliJimenez @Kpossible4250 @Izzy987  @JinsPrincess86 @lcr4562  @SugaOnTop @KhouYang @tinafalcon22 @bigbangvip2243  @tinafalcon22  @VIPFreak2NE1 @KristinaCaron @CallMeMsDragon @Lelulgc @TaehyungV @vipgirl5  @Rina143  @sukkyongwanser  @JelliBelli111 @StefaniTre @CristalTrujillo @VeronicaArtino @EmilyPeacock  @minimanim3 @KpopQueenaBee @raenel  @sweetnothing34 @JarviaKlipka @RosaArgueta @DanaMichelle  @amortiz0101 @EmilyCayetano  @AmberRelynn @MaraWhite @toitlepark @BabydollBre  @unnieARMkeY @ChandraTorres @ParkJiminXOX  @firstladyofaomg @otakukpoper  @JeniseRamos  @mrsyookihyun  @Dabaesaplayer @kimnam94  @ParkKyungSoon @goinnutz22  @ArmyVIPKayla @megancurrent9  @yukigintokie @xxxtina @sorryimanna  @ElenaP16 @funnelcakeboo @lilbr0wneyes  @Viresse @PatriciaS @KellyOConnor  @AgentVengeance  @HayleyEastman  @ESwee  @Ercurrent  @Remysrose  @SindyHernandez  @Moose1998  @Elizalbeth @DazalynCaba  @MahelySandoval  @sarahdarwish  @TonyTonyChopper  @HelenaCrawford  @AliceChess @MariaCuellar  @SatinSkies Got7ingFic @RedChord @AmberFranco @MarrickeJ33  @luna1171 @FalseLove  @NaimaJeune  @ChandraTorres @Maribelita @janellym123 @sukkyongwanser @SarahHm11 @AlexErica @FridaOsorio @MaggieHolm @kandle779  @AnnieGoodman @JeniseRamos  @Vanro  @LaurenStrayhorn @Michelle305 @MahelySandoval  @Moose1998  @SatinSkies Thunder Squad!  @JessWang90 @Dianabell @ElleHolley @ashleyemmert @KhrystinaLee @EliseB  @Isolate @sarabear1021 @Lexxcisco @JaiiPanda @ScarletMermaid @Helixx @Nadinerzz @NasiaWright @Cutebabylay @isabellaelliott @Lexxisco @nadinerzz @narutobandgeek SISTA @Stephany123 IGOT7 TEAM mod @luna1171 @PrettieeEmm @VeronicaArtino @MaricelvaRomero @AaliyahNewbell @UnnieCakesAli @ManduBum @TaehyungV  Konie Crew mod @Junhwanbae92 @PrettieeEmm @IsoldaPazo  @resavalencia @VatcheeAfandi99 @xoxorittie Elf mod @GamerKyumin @Kpossible4250 @KokoroNoTakara @CuteBabyLay    TOPP KLASS: @MrsJungHoseok @KaeliShearer @AimeeH @MelissGarza @XergaB20 @HeichousRegalia  THE WINKONICS SQUAD♡♡♡ @IsoldaPazo @Junhwanbae92 @SuperJuniorelf @locoforjiyong @reyestiny93 @resavalencia @johnEvans @vipgirl5 @KAddict @LysetteMartinez @Moose1998 @MrsChoiJunHong @janessaakemi @JuanitaBooRiv @amberg171997 @punkpandabear @salo @himeoppa @B1A4BTS5ever @LocoForJiyong @JohnEvans @xxchicharitoxx @AubriePope @LemonLassie @SuperJuniorelf @kennaxx @KpopQueenaBee @awkwardlove23 @NicoleFireRose @LisetteZapata @kikie311 @GiriBoyXAOMG @swarrier16 @mrsjeon @JewelsLouise1 @Sherrysahar SmuttyHomies  @Maribelita  @janellym123 @FridaOsorio  @MaggieHolm @Vanro  @LaurenStrayhorn The thirst squad @MichalJamerson @AaliyahNewbell @pharmgirlerin @IsoldaPazo @Junhwanbae92 @Sailynn @BrennaTran
@Stephany123 @lilbr0wneyes @sukkyongwanser lol okay guys I'm already working on it
I definitely want to read this story. Don't hold back I'm excited to see what you come up with for this story. I'm ready to cry be pissed and the omfg moments Oh yea and smut 😉
ooo..I want to be tag !!! um but don't take long updating it plzzzz
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