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Trinity Seven
Arata Kasuga Superbia Archive
Lilith Asami Luxuria Archive
Yui Kurata Avaritia Archive
Mira Yamana Superbia Archive
Arin Kannazuki Ira Archive
Levi Kazama Envidia Archive
Lieselotte Sherlock Acedia Archive
Akio Fudō Gula Archive
Credit to Tumblrs anime-kami for the above gifs! Tagging: @AimeBolanos @BlackOutZJ @Tylor619
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2nd season?
a year ago·Reply
@JaxomB No but there is a Movie Possibility in the near future
a year ago·Reply
Super excited about it @BlackoutZJ @JaxomB
a year ago·Reply
I love this manga! Haven't watched the anime yet
a year ago·Reply
I luv this anime
a year ago·Reply