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Helluu~ I'm back again with another card! This card dedicated to all Monbebe's, even if Wonho is not your bias or bias wrecker. Because come on you love him anyway!
There are times when Wonho can be very adorable and cute. I mean just look at him! He makes my heart melt :)
If you don't smile while seeing these pictures there is something definitely wrong with you! ‹ This is also what I love about him. Even while selecting these pictures I smiled myself. Wonho can seriously bring out my true smile.
Wonho can actually be a hoe.. Evidence displayed above! ‹ I still love him :3
On stage Wonho gives me life! Just looking at him up there, even if it's through a device makes me happy for him and the rest of the members! I'm glad he and the others made it up there. They deserve it. Also because he looks gorgeous haha.
That's the end of this card! I hope you liked this card, cause I sure did love making it ♡ ((Also I don't own any pictures!!))
this boy takes his name way too seriously.