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So a little update on everything: ♡

My BTS story got lost when I had to reset my phone. I have to write 8 chapters over. . . *sighs* it was just getting good. I will Slowly Update what I do have, soon.

☆ My Time Travel Fic, I have a few chapters in and will be updated soon too ♡ Good thing I decided to be a smart one (that time) and back it up. . .

☆ I started a new Fanfic, based loosely on FairyTales. They are modern-day, and a little revamped.

《The characters are members of different groups》

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*Traveling to Joseon:*

"Girls, we're about to open! Is the prep work done?" For the past few weeks their business had started to grow with customers from all over the city. They each put in a portion to make their dreams come true. It sure beat someone telling them what to do day in and day out; seeing how the girls didn't take to kindly to authority figures. They liked being their own boss and playing by their own rules. This was definitely considered their dream job. Everyday that passed, they noticed new customers coming in frequently. Their old customers showed their loyalty to the girls by referring people to the Café. Deep in thought, Aimee wasn't paying attention when four guys that were regulars walked in. Jojo, Kris, and Arisa however did notice them. When these guys walked in, the three changed their composure a bit. Hopefully, this would get them noticed. "I am going to take their order." Kristine marched around the counter, but to her avail, was stopped by Jojo. "Oh no birdbrain, that table is mine. You always take them. It's my turn." With a flick of her wrist, she pulled Kristine back. Not without Kris glaring at her. Arisa really didn't care either way, truth be told, she'd rather be resting off her feet. The one thing she was well past done about, was being on her feet all damn day. The fact that they just literally opened the doors, gave her the indication that it was gonna be a long day. These four guys were always on schedule; predictable and prompt if you must. The aire around them was thick, and different from all the rest. What the girls didn't know, essentially, that these guys were destined to be their princes; in tarnished armor. Some were quiet, but one was brash. The girls would find out their true personalities soon enough. As Jojo walked up to the table, she was greeted with numerous expressions. She couldn't tell what occupations these guys had, but one looked like he was a business man. He had the attitude to go along with it. He was short, brash, and didn't say much unless he wanted to speak. The girls referred to him as being Mr. Grumpy. The guy right across from him had an Aquatic jacket hanging on his chair, so the girls figured he was a zoologist of some sorts. He was really kind and compassionate with his words. It was no secret that that was what caught Arisa's eye. Kristine noticed the guy who had an uniform on. His eye smile and laugh was one that got to her heart. Him laughing was the one thing she enjoyed hearing every time he came to the Café. She wanted to know who he was, but she was always scared to approach him. Yes, he could be the nicest guy, but Kristine was a shy girl. She couldn't bring herself to talk to him. Jojo looked over to the guy that interested her. He seemed to be smart, and possibly kind. Although they never spoke outside the Café, Jojo had nothing but good thoughts about him. Sometimes, he'd come into the Café by himself just to read or do reports. He had a favorite seat, which was a bay window in their Café. It also had the best lighting in there. When he did speak, it was soft and warming. He would even strike up conversations with her, to see how her day was. As everyone finished telling Jojo their order, she walked away. Aimee and Arisa were refilling her drink orders. They worked as a team so that the day would go by faster. By accident, Aimee messed up the business guys drink order. As Jojo returned the refills, he got really irritated by that small detail. "Excuse me miss, I have a question?" Jojo turned around confused as to why he started getting rude with her. "Is there a degree requirement for working in a Café? I ordered a black coffee, this is clearly an Americano." Jojo stood there as she turned to look at Aimee. Grabbing a new cup with a black coffee, Aimee marched over to the table. Suddenly, Aimee tripped and spilled coffee all over his suit. "Oh no. Whoopsies." Mr. Grumpy stood up briskly shouting at her. "Are you kidding me! Do you know how much this suit costs? It would take your flimsy little Café thousands of years just to pay this off." "Excuse me?" As Aimee charged him, Kristine and Arisa held her back. "Are you dense?" "Listen here you greasy little Weasle, I will not have you treating Jojo like crap just because you choose to spend your money on stupid looking suits. You ill mannered penguin." "I'm stupid? What about you? Do you not know that customers are always right? Where is your manager? Someone needs to knock you down a peg or two." Not feeling the sexist comment, Aimee broke free from her friends hold. She was always one that liked to prove everyone wrong, and go against the norm. "Well guess what? You're looking right at her you jerk!" You could hear a pen drop in the Café with how silent it had become. Everyone was watching this unfold right before their eyes. The group of guys he was with stood up to try and calm him down. It did not work, in the end he became more angry. "So you wanna play a bad ass do you? I have something for you then. You owe me for my suit." "Don't hold your breathe asshole." "Pay me for my suit or I will shut you down." He turned to the remaining customers, "I suggest you all pay for your meals and leave. This occupation is being closed until further notice." The girls got heated with him and let Aimee, go to charge him as well. "The fuck? You're going to close us down? You started this whole mess." He pulled out a cellphone to call someone. "Oh go ahead. Call the cops, but be sure to tell them that you started this." Jojo stood her ground. "You better hope we don't kick your ass for this." Arisa started glaring at him. In the heat of the moment, all the girls could make out was, 'I need a favor, close down, immediately.' "You can't shut us down for this!" . . . . . .

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