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My first cosplay was last September. I went to Dragon Con as Female Eridan Ampora from Homestuck. I poorly sealed my face paint and wasn't very good at makeup. Something to note it was very hot out (if you've gone to Dragon Con than you know that it's held at multiple hotels) and I was wearing a cape, a long sleeve t-shirt, a scarf, leggings, a skirt, and WOOL GLOVES. The gloves were a fail but on the upside, I probably lost a lot of water weight. I also colored my shoes with sharpies and acrylic paint and anyone who has tried to color on rubber with a sharpie and put acrylic paint on fabric knows that it just doesn't work out, but I had a lot of fun and don't regret it. No one's first cosplay is amazing but it is what made want to cosplay more.
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That's awesome though!! I have a lot of respect for those that homestuck because it's gotta be hard to keep that paint from going everywhere XD