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As you may or may not know, we, the Naruto mod team, have introduced a weekly event to the Naruto Community: Naruto Battles! Each week we will introduce a new battle, and YOU get to choose the winner! You may have already seen our first battle, Minato vs Tobirama, which you can check out HERE! You can see all of the battles in this collection!

Who do YOU wanna see throw down?

Anyway, this card is where you can tell us what battles YOU wanna see! It could be...

One on One

Team vs Team

Battle Royal

or even...


You can even give us circumstances/context for your battle, if you want! The possibilities are endless! Just drop your battle request in the comments, and it may be featured as one of our weekly battles!
Sasuke vs Natsu
One v one: Kakashi v Jiraiya
@Kell13 I second Itachi vs. Madara
Itachi vs Madara
I think Naruto vs Luffy would be pretty interesting, even the itachi, byakuya, and sesshomaru. Also team battle royal of colored hair.
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