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Debate: Is Stellar Too Sexy?

First, I want to state that I am not against the sexy concept. I, honestly love the sexy concept on both girls and guys. There are some groups out there that do sexy very well, while others are kind of lacking with the sexy concept.
Whenever I think of sexy, I think of confidence, beauty, curvy, revealing clothing, the list goes on and on. When I hear sexy, the girl groups that I usually think of are Girl's Day, AOA, Hello Venus, Dal Shabet, and many more. But the one group that always enters my mind when I hear the word "sexy" is Stellar
When Stellar first entered the kpop scene, they started with the "cute concept" with the songs "Rocket Girl," "UFO," and "Study." But then they took a turn when the had their "Marionette" comeback. They went from being cute girls to sexy ladies in "Marionette."
Okay, I have not seen the whole video yet, (freaking age restrictions), but from the clips I've seen, the video was pretty sexy. However, in my opinion, it was too sexy. I feel like there is a line between 'not sexy enough,' to 'too sexy,' if that makes any sense I don't know. Sometimes I watch sexy music videos, some of them that claim their sexy, aren't sexy in my opinion, or some are too sexy that it's either cringe-worthy or funny.
Don't get me wrong, their are plenty of kpop music videos that do sexy really well. But "Marionette" was too sexy in my opinion. I feel like "Marionette" was testing the waters with Stellar's new sexy look. In fact, the dance and video were claimed to be "too sexy for viewers." The video also caused a lot of controversy. But from what I've seen, there are other groups that are sexy but never get criticized for it, no matter how many times their videos or dances get banned. It feels like "Marionette" was just heavily criticized because of the moves and the group (maybe ?)
When Stellar released "Vibrato," I was blown away. I loved the song, I watched the video through reaction videos and loved it. I thought the dance was amazing. There was nothing in that song or video that I didn't like. But, Stellar than received more criticism for the song and it's provocative dances moves and video. Some people just started hating Stellar just for their music videos and concepts.
I don't hate on girl groups for doing the sexy concept, or for doing anything really. I have a lot of respect for girl groups because they go through so much shit and yet still continue to show us their uniqueness. So it really pisses me off when I hear people hate on one girl group for doing a sexy concept but love another girl group that did the same thing. I hate hearing about girl group's videos getting banned or their dances get banned. It's like, you want them to be sexy and confident, but when they do do the sexy concept, you hate them and call them disgusting for even trying to be sexy.
"Vibrato's" video was also banned from the public for being too sexy and for having vagina symbolism. This also caused Stellar to have another controversy about their sexiness in their music videos. You would think that after so much controversy, they would stop and try something new.
But the reason that they had to go forward in continuing with the sexy concept is actually really sad. In an interview, Stellar revealed that they didn't have a lot of money for rides and food before they decided to go the sexy route. They didn't even have enough money for food, so they would split one order of food between the four members. They also once used a practice room that was used by a well-known team and if they arrived early, they would get looks. They would then make a 5-minute trip into a hour-long trip by playing rock paper scissors for one member to take a step. They also stated that when they saw famous girl group vans pass, they would hide due to embarrassment.
After the success of "Marionette," they had a van and a dorm, and a practice room that they could use whenever they wanted to. But they then had failures with the two song they released after "Marionette." They also stated that they were shocked with "Vibarto's" image. In the picture above, the "thong" was actually a swimsuit bottom, but the dress covered it up, so it looked more erotic than it was intended. They also said that they wanted Stellar's music to get out there. " When we didn't have skin exposure, nobody even knew we released a new song. If it's not provocative, there is no response."
I feel like this was a reality for some other groups. They were desperate and wanted to make it so they had to do things to get attention. But it seems like it's mostly on girl groups, but I could be wrong.
In my opinion, I think Stellar is an amazing group that is just trying to make it in the kpop scene. I think that they do the sexy concept well and I wish they would be seen as a talented girl group rather than a group that shows too much and just wants to gain attention. I know that trying the sexy concept

So, what do you guys think? Do you think Stellar is trying too hard, or do you think they're doing fine? Also, what do you think of the sexy concept? Do you like it or don't like it? Let's start a healthy debate

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I love Stellar and I just talked about this with my family bc i finally introduced them to Stellar. They're doing what they know works. They want to be proud and be successful. and honestly they need the mindset they have right now which is "Fuck it they judge us anyways." I mean we have no problem with a lot of the stuff guy groups do so I wish people would let them be
@SimplyAwkward I do too. Every kpop group has the right to do the sexy concept, no matter what gender
personally, I love stellar and I have no issue with sexy girl group concepts. absolutely none, because we're allowed to show off our bodies as girls. If guy groups can body roll and rip off their shirts, then girl groups should be allowed to dance sexy and wear booty shorts. it's not a bad thing, but for some reason we've made it into something bad. often times, the reason why girl groups take on sexy concepts like stellar did, is because they just don't have enough popularity. same thing with girls day. before something, they weren't popular at all. nor were exid. they became popular because of up & down, a song that relied on the sexy dance. Sexy concepts are great, they're empowering and I find nothing wrong with them at all
I haven't really tried out girl groups yet (definetly planning too!) because I'm not a fan of cute or sexy concepts, I love dark and badass ones and guy groups really pull that off. I will admit, I do enjoy sexy concepts on guys but hate them on girls...? And now that I think about it....That's kind of rude of me... So I will give girl groups a chance, especially Stellar, and if I like their music, I like their music. It's unfair to judge a group based on sexiness when other groups do the same thing, like you said.
I like their two recent songs Sting and Crying. I feel those videos do the sexy concept well. However, Marionette and Vibrato were overdone. I think it's ridiculous how many girl group videos get banned for doing the same thing as Guy group videos though. I think Stellar is an incredibly talented group and I love listening to their songs; however, I cannot bring myself to watch their old videos because they are just too provocative…
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