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Happy birthday to the cutie pie of Boyfriend!!!! Awwww he's soooooo adorable!!!!!! Just look at his smile!!!! And ahhhhh so cewt!!!!! cx But then when he raps!!!! Let me tell you! When he raps he gets all badass and sexy!!! Like, how is he not everybody's bias or at least bias wrecker!?!?! He's adorable, he's sexy, he raps, and he's so freaking good at dancing!!!! I mean, come one! He's literally the Jimin of Boyfriend!!!! Also, he has abs and they are fiiiiiinnne!!!! Like, I've been drooling for hours!!!! Haha, anyway Cx It's his birthday in Korea today, so let's all appreciate some adorable, and sexy, pictures and gifs of our "bad boy" Minwoo ^-^
Oooooffff did you see those pictures of him with white hair!?! How did I not find those pictures earlier!?!?! He looks so good with white hair!!!!!! But I still prefer his brown hair cx But isn't he so adorable and smexy all at the same time!?!??! Like god damn!!! Oh, and he's the maknae of the group too!!! So you've been warned unnies!!!!! cx Careful of this one!! He just might make it onto your bias list and wreck it!!! xD I know he's trying to take the bias spot after I saw all of those pictures!!!! O.O Like hot damn!!!!! Haha, well I hope you, Minwoo, have an amazing birthday because you deserve it!! We love you so much and I hope you'll always smile as adorably as you do now! And I also hope that all of you are having an amazing day and continue smiling and being happy everyday! Happy birthday Minwoo, and have a great day all of you!! ^-^

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