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As you may have noticed, I became part of a blog called KpopINT. And since I've started, I've been seriously neglecting you guys. And that is going to change. In a few days, I'll begin posting on here as well as maybe writing a few fanfics. In general, I may post a lot of things. Some beauty tips, music, dance things, clothing hacks, lazy girl hacks, and kpop things. But before I do that, I need to know who wants to become my- on second thought, I still need to think up a name for you guys. So if you have any suggestions, leave them below! Sorry for the short card but things will get rolling again soon!
To recap: -Comment if you want to be on my tag list -And comment any names you may want me to call you Love you guys! ~Elayne
@cindystran no I did not. I lost my tag list when I added them to the kpop tag list. I should go back and find it
@Elaynethtrumpet Thanks! :) Also, did you tag anyone in this card? I'm not sure if anyone saw this. I'm sure they can be more helpful and come up with better names! :)
@cindystran that's a great idea! better than I could've thought up
@Elaynethtrumpet That's a very cute idea! I'm not very creative with names but since you'll be talking about kpop, fashion, and beauty and your username has the word trumpet, how about melodies? haha