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rap mon really doesn't deserve this hate
1. if you hate a member of the group and talk bad about them like that you aren't a fan of the group 2. he's done nothing to deserve this 3. I would love to cover my walls in his photocards. 4. if he leaves BTS I'm 100% gonna fight someone. 5. go somewhere with your bullshit if you talking shit about him or any of the other members
How the hell would there be Bangtan if Namjoon left? I don't want him having these kinds of things in his head, it'll hold him back and keep him from being the greatest leader he can be. He is an amazing leader and he will lead Bangtan to a long life of success like the great leader he is!
I want his photocard so bad!馃槳
Seriously I can't see BTS without Namjoon
It's okay joonie I have enough love for you
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