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Me: At the end Arthur/1p England was running away because Oliver/2p England was chasing him with love. Oliver: Oh poppet you are so right. Remember it's time for cupcakes not war. <3 <3 <3 Arthur: * gags *
Me: This ended quickly as Gillen/2p Prussia stated he wanted to eat Gilbird. ( Prussia's pet bird) So Gilbert/1p Prussia ran away from the 'unawesome bird eater' to save Gilbird. Gillen: But bird taste good and Gilbert is a baby with a freaking yellow puff ball. Gilbert: Nien ( no ), shall not eat mein ( mine) awesome friend.
Me: Ivan/1p Russia and Evan(?)/2p Russia just got knocked out but General Winter because he didn't feel like having them fight. Evan: * knocked out holding vadka * Ivan: * knocked out holding sunflowers *
Me: Francis/1p France was blown away and burried himself in roses to tray and get the smoke smell off him. Francois/2p France blew his 1p away with smoke from his cancer stick. Francis: AH Jessa come hug me with your perfume so I don't smell like smoke * glomps me and touches my but * Francois: * blows smoke at him and Francis rans away * you can't touch her she payed me with wine to keep you off her * high fives me g