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So I have been meaning to load these pics up for ages.
I went to AX with a bunch of friends and had a complete blast! I also met a lot of really awesome people.
Most of the pictures were taken my someone in our group rather than myself. My phone was in charge of the panel schedule so I couldn't take a lot of pics otherwise my battery would have been dead. (。•́︿•̀。)
I also usually try harder with cosplay but because I drove over 15 hours to get to AX I just packed lighter/easier cosplay.
The pictures are not in any particular order
Day 1:
Me: Gender Bent Yato (Noragami)
Friend 1: Kotori
Friend 2: Minun
Friend 3: Plusle
and friends 4 & 5 didn't cosplay but they are there o(〃^▽^〃)o
Day 2:
Me: Didn't cosplay but still had more pictures taken then my friends who were cosplay lolol so funny
Friend 1: Yuta (Kiznaiver)
Friend 2: Bunny Riven
Friend 3: missing
Friend 4: loli?
Friend 5: tallest guy, never cosplays. lol
Day 3:
Me and Friend 1 had the greatest last minute cosplay idea (literally bought the stuff the night before) and did a Yaoi cosplay. Really fun lol
Me: Izumi (Love Stage)
Friend 1: Ryoma (Love Stage)
Friend 2&3: Plusle and Minun again
Friend 4&5: regular
Day 4:
It was only a few hours long so no one cosplayed
On the plus side, I got to dance on stage right next to Teddyloid!! That was cool. We had a moment ヾ(。・ω・)シ
We found a random Kirito and asked him to take pictures with us lol while a Luffy took the pictures.
We did a Yaoi photo shoot. We took SO many pictures, but here are a few
Our friend was creeping in the back on some of the photos it's pretty funny.
Needless to say.
We had a lot of fan girls... hahaha it was great
Sorry if there were duplicates!
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Yass!!! Looks like you sure did enjoy yourself
hahaha! Love the pics. Looks like it was a lot of fun.
Ahhhh looks like a blast!!! I can't wait for my next convention but idt that'll be until....February?
It looks like so much fun! Also you should of caught those dancing Pokemon bren 😂😂
lol @Junhwanbae92 I tried but I atleast got to pet charmander 😍😍