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It's a shame to say that now, whenever I see these photos, I cannot help but to picture Lee Min Ho running through the crowds of the Floating Market being chased by thugs. It is safe to say that the first few episodes of City Hunter have stuck with me. The story was set up so beautifully, grabbing the audience emotionally. I could go on and on, but anyway... These pictures were taken back in 2010 when I took a trip to Bangkok. I have to say that Thailand is one of favorite places that I have visited. I loved the atmosphere and the business, the people and the FOOD. Could never get enough of Thai food. Ever. The Floating Market is definitely not for the fainthearted. The murky green waters and the creaky boats make at first leave you apprehensive, but have no fear! Once you get into it, the outing it quite a lot of fun. Touristy, yes, but sometimes it doesn't hurt to play the total tourist card for the first time. I especially enjoyed the fruits that are not normally sold in North America. If you do find yourself in Thailand, this is a must! And I will say that if you have never been to Thailand you should put it at the top of your list :) More Thailand posts to come!
Grocery shopping would be much more interesting like this
I've always wanted to go there!!
@cheerfulcallie if you do, I would suggest southeast Asia. It is quite lovely.
hearing abt your travels and seeing you pics definitely inspires me to wanna travel outside the states and ive never....but i will someday...
@honeybumbleb Thank you!
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