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Me: Alfred/1p America is running away with me in his arms because he has to save McDonalds and me from Allen/2p America. Allen: Come back with my soon to be slave. Alfred: NEVER BECAUSE I'M THE HERO!
Me: The two Matty/1p Canada and James/2p Canada just didn't want to fight. Matty: Y-yea I don't like f-fighting. Matt: He is too cute to fight but you are another story. * looks at me running away *
Me: Tino/1p Spain ran away to Lovi/1p Romano to make sure he is safe from what Tye(?)/2p Spain told him. Tino: LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVI! * runs somewhere * Tye: * just sways around axe while having me dodge *
Me: Um what is there to say they are still fighting after 5 hours. By the way they are Kiku/1p Japan and Kuro/2p Japan. Kiku and Kuro: * still fighting *
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