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Hetalia 1ps and 2ps fighting? With Characters and I making statements.

Me: OK I'm how do I explain this 1p Austria is locked up in his room playing a cd of all the classicals as aloud as the radio can go for the past week. While 2p Austria is in the hospital because 1p Hungery took 2 hours torturing him with her frying pan.
Me: Ok the baby from each pair is crying in a corner and the imitading man from each pair are gone to somewhere.
Me: Ok Ludwig/1p Germany and Luts/2p Germany are have a wurst eating contest and are at 15 each. I could never eat that much. * gags *
Feli/2p Italy: AHHHHHHHHHHHH GERMANY HE HURT MY KITTY. * running away crying * Me: Y-you hurt the k-kitty :'( :'( * cries and sits in an emo corner * Luci/2p Italy: hahahaha he he hahahaha
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