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Genre: Fluff, Angst (it might change in the next chapters) GANG AU
Jimin x Reader
Words: 3.335
Summary: You had just came to Seoul for university. But things didn’t turn out the way you had hoped and so you end up staying with your childhood bestfriend Jungkook. Something’s off though, Jungkook is keeping things from you.
The sun was shining right into your face and it was slowly waking you up. You checked your phone and found a few unread group messages and notifications but nothing that really seemed important. You also checked the time and saw that it was only around 9 o’clock. Slowly you started stretching your arms out and then decided to stand up.
Still half asleep you almost slipped on one of the plain white t-shirts on the ground. You went out of the room and started walking towards the kitchen.
A guy, not Taehyung or Jimin, was standing in front of the fridge. He had greyish hair and was about the same height as Jimin. When you were only a few metres away he turned around. You bit your lip out of nervosity. This guy definetely gave off a different feeling than the other two boys. He didn’t seem as positive and easy-going as them. He reminded you more of the guy you had spoken to on the phone.
“Hi, I’m Y/n” you tried to great to him and waved awkwardly. Instead of answering you, he just gave you a look of disinterest and started preparing his breakfast. Unsure of what you did wrong, you slowly took down your hand. Not that he noticed, because he seemed to have decided to comletely ignogre you from now on. Luckily, Jimin came up behind you at that moment.
“Morning~” he greeted you and then turned towards the other boy giggling “Be nicer to our guest.”Pointing at the guy he added “This is Yoongi by the way,y/n. Don’t worry he’s like this to everyone.” You give him a thankful smile “So what do you want to eat for breakfast? We have cereal and… some soup Jin made two days ago.”
“I’ll take the cereal, please”
Jimin nodded and started taking out two bowls. While preparing the breakfast, he asked Yoongi who had already started eating “Have you heared anything of Kook and Rapmon-hyung? Like when they’ll be back?”
Yoongi finished chewing before he replied: “Namjoon texted me saying they’ll arrive at ten.”
Jimin handed you your bowl and sat down in front of the tv “Great, we’ll have enough time to plan the next days when they’re back.” His voice was as happy as yesterday. Yoongi gave the boy a small smile.
Half an hour later the front door crashed open. “We’re back” Jungkook shouted and let out a loud laughter. Jimin joined his laughter, while you saw Yoongi and ‘Rapmon-hyung’ exchange a handshake.
“Hey” you greeted him and his eyes landed on you. He looked surprised that you were here but positively surprised. “Y/n!!!!! I’m so glad to see you again. How come you’re still here? Oh man I’m so happy to see you!”
You stood up and he directly wrapped you in a tight hug. “It got late yesterday, so Taehyung said I could sleep here” He pulled away for a second to look at you and then pulled you in for another really tight hug. When he finally let you breathe again, you saw the other guys look at you.
The one that had just come in toogether with Jungkook held his hand out for you “I’m Namjoon. You must be Y/n. Jungkook told me a lot about you on the way.” He gave you a smile and you returned it
“Nice to meet you” you shook his hand.
You noticed that Jungkook was still looking at you excitedly “It’s been so so long since I’ve seen someone from Busa-” A pillow that Jimin had thrown hit and therby interrupted him. “I’m from Busan too and you see me everyday” Jimin protested.
The conversation carried on lightly but Yoongi and Namjoon left quite soon saying they still had to take care of something.
“I’ll change quickly and then we can finally go grab a coffee.” Jungkook suggested after a while. You nodded and talked to Jimin while Jungkook left.
After you had spend almost a whole day with him it was very comfortable. Basically, you two had the same sense of humour and you couldn’t remember when the last time was you found it this easy to talk to someone. The only thing that still caught you off guard from time to time was his cuteness. He was exactly like a puppy and it made you smile non-stop.
“Ok, let’s go.” Jungkook came back from his room. You put on your shoes and walked out onto the streets with him.
“I saw your luggage in my room.. What happened?”
This was Jungkook. This was your only real friend here. You should really tell him the truth. But it would be so embarrassing when Taehyung and Jimin find out you, well, modified the truth.
“The apartment I had picked out was not… I simply can’t live there. So I will have to find a different apartment as soon as possible. But yeah I don’t really have a place to go at the moment.” You had thought saying the truth out loud might feel good… but it didn’t. It just made you think about how helpless this whole thing was.
Jungkook scratched his head “I can help you find something, if you want to.”
You smiled at him “That’d be great! I really don’t know where to start searching. I don’t even have Wlan for god’s sake.” He laughed at your comment.
“Just stay with me till we found something you like” His brows furrowed only slighlty when he carefully added “The older hyungs probably won’t be too happy but whatever” You tried laughing it off but the thought of making someone like Yoongi angry was terrifying you.
After you two had ordered your coffee, well tee in your case, you led the conversation to another random topic. “You never mentioned what you do here. Like what your job is” he looked at you for a second and then pretended to non-chalantly answer “I’m just working in a car repair shop my friend, Hoseok, owns. Have you met him yet?”
Back in the days you and Jungkook had been inseperable. You knew what he was thinking and he knew what you were thinking without having to tel the other.
Even though it didn’t happen often, when your best friend lied you knew it. There were certain hand gestures he did, minimal facial expressions that always washed over his face when he knew he wasn’t telling the truth. It was like a flashback when he now did those exact things again. Even the direct changing of the topic fit his former actions. His answer was a lie, and you knew it. For a second you contemplated whether to call him out for it or not. You settled on not because there must had been a reason why he would lie to you. And you didn’t want to be rude since he had basically been your savior the past day.
So you just shook your head and asked “Does he live in your house too?”
“Yeah, he’s a lot at his girlfriend’s apartment these days though. When we get back, he’ll probably be at the house though. You’ll like him he’s really funny. So you haven’t met Jin either?” You shook your head again. “He is the oldest of my roommates. But he also spends a lot of time at his girlfriend’s house.”
You slightly laughed at him “How many roommates do you have?”
He laughed “Those and the ones you met are all… for now”
You took a sip from your tee and realized it was empty. Jungkook also noticed it and you two stood up again and started walking back.
It was like you two had never been seperated. You two were still so comfortable around each other and you still felt like you knew him just like before. The only thought you couldn’t stop from roaming your brain was why he had lied when he talked about his occupation.
When you came home you saw a girl sitting in front of the tv and eating ice-cream. She smiled at you and introduced herself as Hani. You waved and introduced yourself as well.
“Jungkook, they are waiting for you upstairs.” Jungkook nodded and went upstairs, leaving you with Hani.
You two ended up just talking and watching tv. It turned out that she was Hoseok’s girlfriend and that they had been together for over a year now. She was funny and very nice. When she heared that you had no place to stay she even offered you to stay at her place if you wanted to leave this house.
Apparently, she had just graduated from the uni you were going to and you two easily had enough to talk about.
A hour later three boys came out of the room. Jungkook sat down next to you, he looked stressed and tired. But so did the other boys. Even Jimin and Taehyung who had been so energized before were silent.
“Is everthing okay?” you asked Jungkook. He gave you a quick smile “Yeah, it’s just a rough time for business” Out of the corner of your eyes you could see Taehyung laughing slightly and Jimin’s face get darker. Yeah the repair shop definetely had it’s bad times you thought the sarcasm overtaking your thoughts.
“Have you found an apartment yet?” Jungkook
“No… I still don’t have internet”
“Here” Jungkook tossed you a laptop.
You furrowed your brows. Why was he trying to get rid of you all of a sudden? Instead of asking, you just quietly started searching for an apartment.
“Kook, be nicer. It’s not her fault.” Hani scolded him.
Jungkook just scoffed and then turned to the tv. Another brown haired guy came into the room and gave Hani a quick kiss. Therefore it wasn’t that hard to figure out that this was probably Hoseok. Hoseok did not seem as exhausted as the other three and was very quietly whispering things in Hani’s ear. Her face however did not show any sign of what he was saying.
For the next five minutes you were all just watching a gaming show on the tv. Then Yoongi came out of his room. He didn’t really look more intimadating than in the morning but then again that was probably not possible. Everyone’s attention went to him and everyone looked like they were waiting for him to talk. You decided it was safer not to look into his eyes directly so you just looked at your hands.
“Jimin, how about you and y/n go get some groceries.” When Yoongi finished his suggestion, that sounded more like an order, Jimin directly stood up and started getting ready. Wasting no time you quickly followed him and left the apartment.
Ouside again, Jimin lead you to a black sports car and got into the driver seat. You sat down on the passenger seat and looked at Jimin a little surprised that he could own such an expensive car.
“You don’t work in the repair shop, do you?” Jimin laughed at you and just shoke his head. But he didn’t seem surprised that you mentioned the repair shop, so maybe Jungkook hadn’t been lying.
“Jimin, can I ask you something?”
“Sure” he only looked at you shortly since he was already driving.
“Does Kookie really work in a repair shop? When he told me I couldn’t help but think he was lying…”
“Kookie??” Jimin burst out laughing and you got a little concerned if it was safe to drive while laughing so much. “You call him Kookie?!”
“So what? I’ve always called him Kookie…” But Jimin wouldn’t stop laughing. He looked like he had just heared the funniest thing in his life. After a while you thought that this was probably his way of avoiding the question.
He pulled into the parking lot and you tried again. This time with aegyo “Jimin~.. you haven’t answered me yet”
He looked at you and smiled “You’re so cute” and then just got out of the car. You couldn’t stop the blush from creeping onto your cheeks, but still tried to pretend to be mad at him for not giving you an answer. All you wanted was a honest answer for a normal question.
You got out of the car and caught up to Jimin, who had already started walking towards the supermarket. He smiled at you while entering the market.
“What do you want to eat the next days? Jin-hyung sent a list of what we have to buy, but we can always buy more.”
“I’ll tell you if there’s anything I want.”
Jimin walked around in the store and took a few things out. In the candy isle you finally found your favourite type of chocolate. Unfortunately it was in the highest row so it was almost impossible for you to reach. But trying can’t hurt, right? You streched to get it but soon had to realize it was a lost cause. The moment you wanted to give up you felt someone behind you. Surprised you turn around and are faced with Jimin’s chest.
Your eyes widened but you couldn’t move and you only freezed. A few seconds later Jimin was holding the chocolate proudly next to his face. A smile was plastered all over his face. He was still standing only a few centimetres away from you.
“I told you to just call me if you need something.” You couldn’t look him in the eyes when you nodded shyly. The smile on his face grew bigger “You really need to stop being so cute”
You were already red so you only reacted by rolling your eyes at him while unvoluntairely smiling.
Smiling hee bit his lip and looked to the side. Only a moment later you could feel his body get tense up it was very easy to see sincehis chest was only like 5 centimetre from your face. He turned his face back to you “Let’s go pay now, okay?” Even though you were confused you decided to just agree. Taking a step back he put his hand on your arm and almost pushed you towards the cashier.
His sudden change of mood was confusing you but you didn’t dare asking him what caused it right now. Instead you tried glancing back to where Jimin must had been looking, when something irritated him. But there was nothing. Well, nothing irratating, only different boxes with different branches of ramen.
When the products were paid for and you were walking towards the car, Jimin slowly calmed down again. In the car he was already joking around again, acting like nothing had happened. But you weren’t going to let him get away so easily.
“Jimin, what happened? Why did you get so tense?” He let his hand go through his hair, while probably thinking of a way to get out of the question.
“There was someone I didn’t want to see.” In his voice swung a certain distance which made it even clearer to you that he did not want to deepen this topic with you. To not make it seem weird, he gave you a smile. You only nodded and decided not to ask any further.
Unlike the other times you had hung out with Jimin, this car ride back was completely silent. Jimin didn’t try starting a conversation and you were too busy contemplating the situation in the supermarket.
The car parked smoothly in front of the house and both of you got out. You noticed Jimin was walking just slightly faster than before and had almost forgotten to take the groceries out of the trunk of the car. He was really not good at hiding his emotions, you realized.
Taehyung that was sitting on the couch also noticed that something was wrong as soon as you two entered the living room. While Jimin was putting down the bag with groceries, Taehyung raised his eyebrow at him questioningly. You just shrugged your shoulder signaling him that you also didn’t know what really happened. It made a slightly concerned expression wash over Taehyung’s face.
When Jimin finally looked at Taehyung, it was like he had just telephatically shouted at him. Taehyung directly stood up and turned to you. “Y/n, there’s a shoe shop down the street. You’re in Seoul now, you have to go shopping here. The stores are so different to the ones in other cities” Why did they want to have you out of house so suddenly? You decided it was time for some answers so you replied “I only do online shopping and I wanted to look for an apartment now anyway.” Taehyung and Jimin both looked at you as if they wanted to protest that you had to go. But neither one of them said anything else.
“Do you know where Jungkook put the laptop?” you asked.
“Probably in his room” Taehyung sighed, while he followed Jimin who had already started walking towards Yoongi’s room. Surprised that they’d just leave you alone, you walked to Kookie’s room. Not that you couldn’t be alone for some time, but this was just the first time in this house.
Taehyung had been right. The laptop was lying on the bed and you took it towards the living room. The moment you had loaded a site for apartments you suddenly heared Jungkook screaming. Apparently he had been in Yoongi’s room as well, since that was where the screaming was coming from. The room was too far away for you to understand what he was shouting. Curiosity made you stand up and slowly walk closer to the room.
“I still can’t believe it! 30 minutes! How can you fuck up so bad in 30 minutes!” Jungkook sounded infuriated.
“Don’t shout like that at your hyung!” You didn’t recognize the voice.
“It wasn’t his fault, Kook” Taehyung tried to calm the younger one down.
Suddenly you saw the door fly open and Jungkook started storming out, but stopped in front of you. All of them saw you standing there, obviously having eavesdropped. Jungkook only halted for a moment and then continued storming out of the house.
Yoongi just turned away rolling his eyes. Jimin just looked zoned out. The other guys all had their eyes fixed on you. Their facial expressions were blank. In the corner of the room you saw Hani sitting on a chair. When she saw you had noticed her she stood up from her seat and walked towards you.
“I think we should let the guys alone for a little longer.” Hani tried to give you a small smile. Still in shock over what just happened, you followed her. She led you to the living room and asked you to sit down. Hani sat down right next to you and turned to you.
“I know you’re probably really confused right now. But don’t worry nothing bad happened and Jungkook will come back soon. After he gets angry he never stays gone for more than an hour” she laughed lightly. Her laughing made you feel slightly better.
“Why is he even mad? Is it because of the person Jimin and I saw at the supermarket?” At this point you didn’t really think she was going to give you a real answer but to your surprise she nodded.
“Yes, it is.” Then she laughed again. “And because you had to flirt with Jimin so much.” Your eyes widened and you directly shook your head.
“It wasn’t like that. I didn’t…” But before you could explain anything to her, Namjoon interrupted you “I think there are some things we should talk about. Let’s meet in my room” He and Jin were walked to a room further away.
Scared you looked at Hani, but she only laughed. “Don’t worry. I’ll come with you.” you tried giving her a thankful smile and followed her as she walked to the room the other two had entered before. “They’re going to give you some answers, so no need to be concerned”
Hope you guys like it so far :D
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