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Many people expressed interest in learning a few Chinese phrases, so I'll start making weekly cards on common and useful phrases! This is my first time teaching Chinese, so any suggestions or feedbacks are greatly welcomed! Without further ado, let's start with two common adjectives.
You may notice in Taiwanese drama, when a girl encounters a handsome or good looking guy they would say the following phrase: 他好帥喔~ (Tā hǎo shuài ō) - He's very handsome. 帥 (shuài) simply mean handsome.
Usually, people don't use 帥 (shuài) to describe a girl. Instead, they use the phrase 可愛 (kě'ài), which means lovely or cute. However, you can also use this word to describe a guy or anything cute! Just like the expression above you can also use it in a sentence like this: 她好可爱 (Tā hǎo kě'ài) - She's very lovely. NOTE: If you want to compliment someone directory you can omit the word 他(Tā) and replace it with 你 (Nǐ), which means you.
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Is shuai and Keai pronounced shu-ai and ke-ai?
a year ago·Reply
@MyAffairWith shuai is more like one word. It's like saying 'shoe' and 'eye' really fast. Yup ke-ai is two words! You can pronounce 'ke' as 'kuh'.
a year ago·Reply
@cindystran thank you for clarifying!!! I made my own cards out of these two words and will be learning them as you post!! ☺️ I've been wanting to learning Chinese. I was curious, is this Mandarin Chinese?
a year ago·Reply
@MyAffairWith Yes, it's Mandarin Chinese! :)
a year ago·Reply
@cindystran cool!!! Can't wait for more!!! ☺️
a year ago·Reply