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Made some rice crispy treats and had some left over so thought I'd try something! Turned out ok for being the first time making these, but not as cute as I was hoping. As you can tell, I got a bit lazy and didn't make the ears for the other balls lol. (Yes that's a rapunzel plate.) If you know how to make rice crispies, you can make these! The trick to awesome rice crispies is browning the butter! Enjoy!
If you want the rice crispy treat recipe I use, here it is: - 1cup butter (that's 2 sticks) - 1 10.5oz bag of marshmallows (I like using mini ones) - 10oz rice crispy cereal Step 1: brown butter Ina big sauce pan at medium. Turn to medium low if it bubbles high Step 2: after butter is browned, add your marshmallows and mix it in until thoroughly combined Step 3: add to rice crispy cereal and mix it up real good. Add to a glass dish or shape it into balls or eat them right away. Enjoy Swear it's the best rice crispy recipe I've ever come across. Promise you'll like it!
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CrispyChus is such a cute name though.
@danidee I think I should have dubbed these "Rice Crispy Chu-reats" instead of CrispyChus lol
Yesssssssss. I want to eat all of these.
So hungry now..
awe kawaii
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