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Hey guys, so I found this really cute SSG of BTS and had to share it! ^-^ **********

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Link: ©To RubyKpopFangirl on Amino App ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Summary(kind of)!: This is set back to 2004 where you're a sixteen year old girl(I'm sorry guys >.<). And you really, REALLY want to buy (insert something you want) but you don't have any money and it's extremely expensive. So, you've taken on babysitting pretty much every kid on your block. Soon, you're only left with one last house of kids to babysit. And fortunately you find out you get to babysit seven, count 'em, seven kids! Babysitting them would be 12 bucks an hour and the parent of the kids won't be back for six hours! You'd get your (whatever you want) in no time for sure! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Let's begin!
"Thanks again, (Y/N), for offering to babysit my kids." Bang PD-nim said smiling gratefully at you as he stood at the door about to leave to hang out with some of his friends. You make a 'psh' sound with your mouth and gently slap the air in front of you. "Ha, no problem, Mister Bang. Just go have fun on your day off." You smile but 'Mister Bang', as you liked to call him, frowned a little. "Okay... but remember my boys are a bit... you know..." Bang PD-nim trailed off uneasily. "Trouble makers?" You suggest. "Kind of... They're just loud most of the time... and they're all pretty weird and hyper- especially V! Don't ever give him anything really sweet while I'm gone or he just might bounce off the walls into another dimension," Mister Bang said worriedly. "Oh, gotcha Mister Bang! And don't worry, I got all the things I need to know about the boys right here on the papers you gave me," You said patting your purse which had the papers in it. Mister Bang nodded. "Well, then. I guess I'll be off." He said smiling and opened the door. "Bye, bye, Mister Bang!" You shout as you watched Mister Bang walk into his car and wave back at you. You then watched as Mister Bang and his car drove off into the distance. You smile and closed the door. Getting out the papers about Mister Bang's kids, you walk towards the couch to sit down. You held the six papers and skimmed through the titles until you found the one you we're looking for and began to read:
~~~~'Basic Info About My Kids'~~~~ You read, 'The oldest is Kim Seok Jin - His nickname's Jin - he's twelve. He likes the color pink and isn't really a picky eater. Oh, and if he's blinking his left eye, he's hungry(it's a habit). The second oldest is Min Yoon Gi - nickname's Suga - he's eleven. He really loves to sleep and is a cute boy. But don't mess with him when he's sleeping. And he's the palest one. Now on to the third oldest, Kim Nam Joon - he's ten. His nickname's Rap Monster. Why? Well he's pretty good rapping for a ten year old and he just really likes hip-hop. Also he's very clumsy and breaks things easily. Please don't trust him with any of your breakable belongings. The fourth oldest is Jung Ho Seok, he's also ten. His nickname is J-Hope. He's a happy-go-lucky kid. He loves making the others smile and laugh. He also gets scared easily. The fifth one is Park Jim-In, he's nine. He's a little shy at first but he'll instantly get used to you after maybe an hour. Also just call him Jimin or maybe Chimchim. He'll answer to both. The sixth one is Kim Tae Hyung, he's nine too. His nickname is V. Now I think you should just figure out his personality on your own. And finally, Jeon Jung Kook who is the youngest - he's eight. You can just call him Jungkook. Now Jungkook's probably the one who is closest to being the least weird but lately he and V(Kim Taehyung) have been hanging out a lot together so I'm not very sure anymore.'
You smile as you finished reading. 'These kids sound really nice.' You thought. You then stood up and walked to the room where all the kids were supposed to be in. Now you were about to open the door until you heard a child's voice behind you. "Where did daddy go?"
#1 child: You turned around to see a child. And that child was...
You and the child stared at each other in silence for a few seconds until you cleared your throat. "Well, your dad went out somewhere." You said simply not really wanting to be specific, "Don't worry, though. He'll be back. But in the meantime, I'm gonna look after you and your brothers, okay?" You said smiling at the kid. He nodded. "Okay, my name's (#1 Child you got). What's your name?" "I'm (Y/N)." You said smiling. You then looked back at the door behind you where you heard (insert whoever you got)'s brothers laughing. "Wanna go inside to join in on the fun?" You asked (#1 child you got). He nodded smiling and walked up next to you. The next thing he did surprised you. He shyly - and slowly - reached for your hand and held it. You resisted the urge to 'aw' and squeeze the poor kids' cheeks as he looked up to you and smiled. You calmed yourself down and used the hand that (#1 child you got) wasn't holding to open the door. ~~~ Things that happen while you're in the room with mini BTS.
The kid that seemed to be really shy and scared of you at first but later on became one of the ones that liked you alot
The two kids who were crushing on you the whole time and kept on fighting for your attention (two kids, two screenshots)
The kid who did amazing aegyo for you and nearly got hugged to death by you because they were so cute
The three kids who caused you some trouble (three kids, three screenshots)
The kid who kept asking you a lot of questions
The kid who slipped on something and almost fell but you rushed to catch him before he could hit the ground
This kid was acting silly and randomly ran up to you, kissing your cheek before running away
Secretly your favorite kid
The kid who loved you more than the others (the kid who liked you the most)
The kid who didn't like you very much ~~~ [Back to the story] You sighed, exhausted from playing around with the kids all day. You then glanced at the clock and noticed it was 9 o'clock. "Okay, guys!" You said clapping your hands twice to get their attention, "It's time to go to bed!" Immediately after you said that the kids all groaned in unison except for Suga who only shrugged smiling. "Do we have to?" V asked pouting. "Yes, you do. Now come on, let me put you guys to bed." You said. After maybe thirty minutes, you had put all the kids to sleep with your favorite bedtime story. You silently got up from your sitting position and slowly began to walk away until you felt a small hand grab one of yours.
#2 Child: You turned your head to see (#2 child you got) staring at you with sad eyes.
"You're gonna leave us once you go out the door right?" He said sadly. You sighed and sat back down nodding. "B-but I don't want you to go!" (#2 child you got) said as quiet as he could trying not to wake the others. "Aw, don't worry (#2 child you got) I'm gonna definitely come back tomorrow for a visit okay?" You said reassuring (#2 child you got). He nodded and sat up to hug you. You instantly hugged him back and you both sat there hugging each other for a few moments. You then both let go of each other. You immediately saw a single tear rolling down (#2 child you got)'s right cheek. You gently reached over to his face and brushed away his tear. "Hey, don't cry. I said I'll be coming tomorrow, didn't I?" You smiled at him. "And if you go to sleep right now then tomorrow will get here faster." You leaned in closer to his face and kissed his forehead. "So, go to sleep and you'll be able to see me again." You said and stood up. You watched as (#2 child you got) nodded and layed back down on his bed. He then watched you walk all the way over to the door and just as you were about to close the door he said, "Hey (Y/N)?" "Yeah?" "I love you..." He mumbled causing you to smile. "Heh, I love you too (#2 child you got). Goodnight." You said and began closing the door. "Goodnight." You heard him mumble back before you fully closed the door. You smiled widely feeling so fuzzy inside. You then chuckled a little to yourself before walking downstairs to wait a little while for Mister Bang to come home.
I hope you guys enjoyed this! ^-^ ☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡

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soooo cute jimin was such a sweetheart
this was so so so cute! argh made me happy hehehe♡
1. Suga 2. V 3. Jin and Jimin 4. Jin 5. Rap Monster, Jungkook, and Jungkook. 6. V 7. Jungkook 8. Jin 9. Jimin 10. Jimin 11. Jimin 12. J-Hope
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