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Day 1: Your first cosplay?
How did you get started cosplaying? Or, what will be your first cosplay if you haven't done one yet?
How did you get started cosplaying?
I actually just kind of started. I have always enjoyed dressing up and trying different things.
Cosplaying gave me a new hobby and it's really exciting to do. Making the costumes can be difficult but it's worth it in the end.
My first cosplay was Nozomi from Love Live.
I just picked an outfit I liked the most. I have seen the show but none of the movies or anything. I like Nozomi for different reasons so I decided to cosplay as her. :)
Sorry don't have a good picture of the full thing
Tagging just @hikaymm since she started the challenge
my main cosplays are leorio Hunter x Hunter, Ginoza Psycho pass, And yato noragami
@nicocoup You should totally put those costumes to use! :) hopefully you get to soon! @CleonThomas Even if you don't have friends going with you cons are really amazing and you meet some great people. I am going to KCon by myself but have meet some amazing Vingle people who I'm actually meeting up and hanging out with. I'm really excited. Vingle is a great community where you can reach out and people will usually reach back. :)
My first cosplay was a self created star wars character called The outer rim Rouge Force Master. my second was a Gundam knight. could have done better with a Lil help. but it came out ok. need to do my Mad cat mech cosplay. soon.
My dream cosplay and my future plans are to be Icigo Kurosaki but because I'm the incorrect race I'm gonna buy the full hollow mask and scare little children on Halloween xD
I love to cosplay may favorite character to dress as is levi eren Jean from attack on Titan and aoba seragaki from dramatical murder
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