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Day 1: Your first cosplay?
How did you get started cosplaying? Or, what will be your first cosplay if you haven't done one yet?
How did you get started cosplaying?
I actually just kind of started. I have always enjoyed dressing up and trying different things.
Cosplaying gave me a new hobby and it's really exciting to do. Making the costumes can be difficult but it's worth it in the end.
My first cosplay was Nozomi from Love Live.
I just picked an outfit I liked the most. I have seen the show but none of the movies or anything. I like Nozomi for different reasons so I decided to cosplay as her. :)
Sorry don't have a good picture of the full thing
Tagging just @hikaymm since she started the challenge
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I haven't cosplayed yet, but I got costumes lying around xD
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none of my friends will come with me
a year agoReply
@nicocoup You should totally put those costumes to use! :) hopefully you get to soon! @CleonThomas Even if you don't have friends going with you cons are really amazing and you meet some great people. I am going to KCon by myself but have meet some amazing Vingle people who I'm actually meeting up and hanging out with. I'm really excited. Vingle is a great community where you can reach out and people will usually reach back. :)
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@BrennaTran yeah I can make costumes, but I can't make money xD
a year agoReply
I have never cosplayed in my entire life.
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