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Too Much Chapter 1: This is Me

So, here's the first chapter. I hope it's alright. The boys aren't in it until the next chapter because I'm just setting stuff up. Throughout the story, normally, when characters are speaking in English, I have it bold, but since these entire conversations are in English, I decided to not bold it. Please let me know if there are any errors or questions. As I stated before, I don't have anyone to proofread/edit for me, so they may be a little raw. I just edited to add {} for character thoughts since italics don't work. That will cause problems further down the road, but such as it is. Hopefully, that doesn't detract from the story. I hope you enjoy it anyway.
Word Count: 2378
Warning: Mild language may be present
Rose POV
“Rose! Wake up! You forgot to set your alarm again!” I bolted straight up. Normally, because I don’t sleep very much, it takes me about five minutes to really wake up, but this time, my body recognized the word ‘late’ before my mind did. {Oh shit}. I threw the blankets off and scrambled out of bed. I was in panic mode until I looked at my clock. {Oh thank God}, I breathed a sigh of relief. It’s still five minutes until my usual wakeup time. I pulled the bottom of my shorts and shirt down and put my bra on. Somehow, my clothes always end up bunched up way higher than they are supposed to be. I made my way downstairs and stumbled towards the kitchen.
“I’m gonna kill you next time you do that,” I mumbled and glared at my roommate. She started laughing with food still in her mouth. “That’s so gross!”
She laughed harder, but at least she closed her mouth this time. “Sorry, but it was funny.” I glared again as I made my way towards the toast she started for me. “And I hadn’t given you a scare like that in so long. I thought it was only fair after how much you freaked me out the other night.” Then it was my turn to laugh. A couple nights ago, Saturday night, Nina had come home late from drinking with some friends. I had forgotten that she told me she wasn’t going to crash at her friend’s apartment like she usually does, so I had left all the lights off. She had stumbled in the dark trying to make her way to the light switch where the living room and kitchen met. As she flicked the lights on, I was zombie-walking my way back from the fridge to my room, water bottle in hand. She screamed so loudly and threw her purse at me. I, being being sleep-deprived, just muttered a “hey” and stumbled back to my study. {It’s not like I did it on purpose. I may have forgotten to fill my water bottle, but I didn’t try to scare her. It was funny looking back on it though}.
“Fine. Even though I didn’t do it on purpose, I’ll call it even now. No more right?” She just cocked her eyebrow at me without saying anything. “Seriously. No more. We’re even. Actually, technically, I owe you a scare since I didn’t do it on purpose. Plus, you know how much trouble I have sleeping. Five minutes is a lot when you only sleep for two hours. But I’m willing to call it even, ok?” She still doesn’t answer. “OK?!”
“Fine, I guess,” she huffed. {This gizibe. Pretending to pout. Whatever}. “So, are you excited?”
I stop putting jam on the toast and turned to her. “Actually...I’m super nervous.”
“Why are you so nervous? It’s not like they’re your first celeb group.”
“I know, but...”
“But your, what do you call it...ultimate bias is in that group.”
“Ugh...” I groaned and dropped my head to my chest. {I don’t even know why it matters. It’s not like he’d even notice me. And I will never tell him. But even if I did tell him he’s my bias, it doesn’t matter anyway because him being my bias doesn’t necessarily mean that I like him}. Or at least that’s what he needed to think. It shouldn’t be possible to truly like someone that you’ve never met, never even seen in person, and never even conversed with. {And yet... Ugh, I’m just being a fangirl. It’s not possible for me to like like him}. “But it’s not just that. It’s fine that he’s my bias, there are other groups that I have biases in, even if he is my ultimate bias. The thing is, he’s just so good at what he does. I wish I was talented like him. I’m envious. He’s so confident in himself even when other people say stuff. He always works so hard and knows exactly where he wants to go in life. So he’s not just my bias but also my role model, even if he is younger than me.”
“You have such a huge crush on him, girl!” Nina giggled.
“It’s a celebrity crush. I don’t really know him, and he wouldn’t ever look at me anyway.”
“Why not, girl? Back in the States, you had a lot of guys going for you. Even if you were too dense to realize that you were turning ‘em all down.”
I sighed and returned to preparing my breakfast. “First of all, that’s not true”—Nina scoffed at that—“Second of all,” I continued, rolling my eyes “even if that were true, Americans guys liking me is nowhere near the same as Korean guys liking me. Sure, I’m thin and pale, but I’m also tall, have big feet, am flat-chested, and am not particularly feminine in either style or behavior. I don’t fit Korean standards of beauty. Some guys here might like that, but he’s already said that he likes Asian girls and that he was going to marry one when he gets to that age. Plus, I’m not a celebrity. There’s a hundred other women he could choose from that are more his level.”
“Anyone can say whatever they want about theoretical situations, but until they come across the real situation, they never actually know what they will do or how they will feel. Plus you kind of are a cele—“ I shot her a warning look. She just shrugged and finished eating her breakfast. She moved to the sink just as I began to sit down. “Now, eat your breakfast. And get your ass in gear. Professional mode and all that nonsense.”
I sighed again and began to eat. Nina finished washing her dishes and dried her hands off. As she passed by, she put her hand on my shoulder and squeezed it reassuringly. I patted the hand she had on my shoulder and she headed back to her room to get ready for the day. {She’s right. Professional mode. No use worrying about something like that anyway. Suck it up girlie and be as professional as you’ve been with every other group. You can eventually be friends, if they want, but first at least try to look professional}. Nina really is my best friend, she knows exactly what to say to me. We’ve been best friends since we started working together at a department store in the States four years ago. When we first met, we were definitely not people who you would expect to become friends. We actually didn’t even notice each other until about two months after we started working together.
It was pure coincidence: we were both helping different customers look for an outfit for the weekend when we happened to pick out the same outfit for them. We next thing to bumped into each other when we realized that we had never seen each other before. We were both on closing shift that night and ended up chatting while we finished putting misplaced clothes away. Turned out, we actually had a similar tastes in music, movies, and literature. After that, we became the closest of friends and were inseparable. We were even attending the same college and had the same major, Cross-cultural Studies, though this was my second degree.
When I eventually told her about how I wanted to move to Korea for a year or so, she asked why. When I explained that I was looking at getting my second Master’s degree in Asian Culture Studies after we finished our Bachelor’s, she immediately jumped on the idea. She asked how I thought I was going to make a living over there and I told her about an old friend who had moved back to Korea to start a business. The business was to work with Korean companies who either needed help learning English or needed a translator for an event. Nina thought it sounded great. Lucky for her though, she didn’t need to get a job, her family was pretty loaded. She only worked at the store so that she could get experience interacting with different types of people. I had a decent amount of money, but I wanted to make my little nest egg before I got too tired to do so.
I contacted my friend, Julie, Korean name Kim Ji Hyo. Julie thought that having me work as an English tutor would be perfect. I was studying Korean, and had gotten pretty good at it, and everyone always asked me to proofread their research papers before they turned them in for classes. We worked hard to finish our degrees, and in a couple years, we were on our way.
And here we were, two years after arriving in Korea: me, working at Julie’s company and Nina living the good life. Not that I’m jealous. I actually liked keeping busy. I don’t know what I would do if I were not working. Even when I had days off, I got antsy and started looking for work to do. I even wrote short stories for a small publisher and went exercising for a couple hours in my free time. Plus, with this job, I got to meet all sorts of people. Sometimes the jobs were as mundane as a business meeting between companies from different countries, sometimes they were tutoring a VIP client or their child, and sometimes I got to do my favorite, work with an entertainment company like the ones that managed K-Pop bands. So far, I had worked with YG, JYP, and SM. This was my first day to meet a representative of BigHit. More specifically, one of the managers of BTS. I really hoped the boys weren’t actually coming to the meeting, I wasn’t sure I could handle having them there so suddenly. {Damn you Julie. Telling me about this yesterday. I don’t even have time to mentally prepare myself}.
While worrying myself silly, I had managed to finish breakfast and get out my outfit for the day. I finished getting dressed, my usual attire of a pantsuit, and started gathering my purse, paperwork, and anything else I thought I might need. {Just take a deep breath and show them your professionalism. That’s it. Breathe in, breathe out. Get your ass in gear}. Finally, it was time to go. I grabbed my stuff, got in my car, and stopped by the office. I picked up my other paperwork and glared at Julie. She gave me this assignment knowing exactly how I felt.
“Don’t glare at me,” she laughed. “Even if you weren’t crazy about him, I would’ve given you the assignment. You’re one of the best translators here. That, coupled with the fact that you are personable and the clients always give you their attention (and numbers) makes you the perfect person for the all the K-Pop jobs.”
“Kiss my ass,” I snapped at her playfully.
“Well, I don’t swing that way, but even if I did, I think you might have a couple of admirers who would be rather jealous.” *cough*”D.O.” *cough* “Mark” *cough* “Jackson” *cough* “Seungri” *cough* “Daesung” *cough*
“Oh shut it!” I snapped again, this time blushing. “They’re just messing with me anyways. All the guys like to do that.”
“Then statistically speaking, at least one of them has to be interested.”
“Or they just like to mess with the foreign girl. That’s nothing new. You know, I’ve had to trade some of my private tutoring clients because of that. I don’t think they’re actually interested, I think they’re just fascinated by something new. Besides, are you and Nina teaming up on me?”
“What do you mean? Is she telling you the same thing?”
“In different words.”
“It’s not our fault that you’re so dense. You could’ve had a truckload of boyfriends by now, but you always need one of us to tell you that they like you. That’s why you’ve never had one.”
“I’ve never had one because I’ve always been busy. I’ve always been too busy and it wouldn’t have been fair to them or to me because I wouldn’t have the time to spend real time with them. Besides, there hasn’t really been anyone who has more than just caught my attention.”
“Oooooohhh. Does that mean that there’s someone who caught your attention?”
“Well duh! This is Korea, hot guys are everywhere. That’s why I said no one has 'more than' caught my attention. I mean, some of the guys I work with are super sweet and I’m sure would be great boyfriend material, but...”
“But you’re still stuck on him.”
“It doesn’t even make sense,” I sighed. “I don’t even really know him. And yet, there we are.”
“That’s ‘cause you’re loyal as hell, even if he’s not your boyfriend. You can’t like like more than one guy at a time. It’s adorable. I know that it sucks right now, but when you do really fall for someone, he won’t ever have you worry about you cheating. You’re not capable of it.” Julie laughed at that. “And I know that you hate that the most. Disloyal people.” We had known each other during the time I knew that person. The person who made it hard for me to truly trust anyone, who had almost completely ruined my life. Julie had broken through my walls first. Then Nina came and did the same thing. I had more friends than them, but they were my best friends, my true friends, the people who knew me better than my own family. They were all I really needed. I loved them to death.
“Thanks, Julie. You and Nina are gonna be the death of me, but at the same time, I couldn’t live without you.” I laughed and hugged her. “Well. We’ll see how this goes and go from there.”
“Hit me up when you’re done. I wanna hear how it went.” At this, she gave me 'the look' and wiggled her eyebrows at me. I don’t know how she manages to look so mischievous and innocent at the same time.
“Ugh. Whatever. I hate you.” I laughed and headed back out to meet the manager.
So there's the first chapter. Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed it. Please let me know if you have any questions. I'm not really present in the Vingle Community so I don't have people to tag yet. Let me know if you would like to be tagged in further chapters. I will hopefully release them every other day since I am still editing. Also, any constructive criticism is welcome.
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