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Introducing a special Naruto Battle event: a Kage Battle Royale Tournament! Throughout the quarter, we will be facing the Kage against each other, with the winners moving on to the final round to face the other top Kage! Conditions: each of the kage will have all of the strengths and abilities available to them in life, no Edo Tensei tomfoolery. First up, we have the Tsuchikage of Iwagakure, the Hidden Stone Village!
PS I apoligize for the excessive amount of info, but I wanted you to be able to make an informed decision!

Ishikawa - First Tsuchikage

Though his capabilities remain largely unknown, overall, as the founding Tsuchikage, Ishikawa must have undoubtedly been a powerful ninja. He could also use Earth Release to make his body light enough to fly. In the anime, it was alluded to the fact that he used insect-based ninjutsu as his fighting style, particularly a bee user from the Kamizuru clan. Unlike the kikaichū, the insects used by the Kamizuru's rival, the Aburame clan, the bees are summoned into battle. They are also capable of growing to large sizes, as seen with the Giant Bee. Their larva form have, like the Aburame's beetles, the ability to eat chakra. The bees' usefulness centres around offensive capabilities of their stings, with attacks like the Thousand Bee Stings Technique. They are used frivolously in tactics where the bees' lives are sacrificed without concern for their survival; techniques like Jibachi's Bee Bomb Technique shows the bees being sent to attack with explosive tags attached to them.

Mū - Second Tsuchikage

Sensory Perception
Mū was a skilled sensor-type shinobi, having displayed the ability to sense chakra over a distance of several kilometres. Furthermore, when these detection capabilities were employed in conjunction with his quick reflexes, he could avoid techniques that even other Kage found difficult to evade, even from his blind-side.
Mū was able to split himself into two duplicates to help escape a lethal blow, but at the cost of reducing his power by half. He was also physically strong enough to lift massive rocks off of his body, even with only half of his power. It was impossible to detect him by normal means. While alive, Mū was seen carrying a pair of swords, implying that he was also skilled in kenjutsu.
Mū could wield all five elemental nature transformations. He is also one of the few capable of utilizing a kekkei tōta, an advanced and extremely powerful form of kekkei genkai. In particular, he possesses the Dust Release, which allows him to combine fire, earth, and wind natures to reduce his opponents to dust, destroying them down to even a molecular level. While Mū was in his split state, he was not able to use Dust Release techniques due to his power being halved.
With Earth Release, Mū could make his body light enough for flight. He was also capable of completely hiding his presence through the use of Water Release, having neither a physical form nor detectable chakra while the technique was active. Mū could also use Yang Release.
Mū appeared to be both extremely knowledgeable and analytical, being able to discern the exact method used to locate his position almost immediately after detection, seemingly without any prior information concerning the technique in question.

Ōnoki - Third Tsuchikage

Ōnoki is proficient in using Earth, Wind, Fire, Lightning, and Yang Release nature transformations. He also has the ability to use the kekkei tōta, where he combines the first three elements to perform the advanced element Dust Release, which can pulverise his enemies to molecular-sized dust. He can alter the size and shape of his Dust Release technique, being able to split it down the middle. Ōnoki could also lock a fast moving target within the shape of his Dust Release.
Ōnoki has also shown great prowess with Earth Release. He could create rock clones to aid him in battle, massive golems for offensive and defensive purposes, as well as manipulate the terrain to rise or fall. Ōnoki has also demonstrated earth techniques that manipulate gravity, allowing him to increase or decrease an object's weight through physical contact. He can also fly by decreasing his own gravity. To make up for his lack of physical prowess, Ōnoki can cover his fist in rock to increase his striking power. If that fails, he can further increase the weight of his rock fist to penetrate strong defenses. These techniques can also affect chakra-based substances, such as a humanoid Susanoo.
Physical Prowess
Because of his advanced age and bad back, Ōnoki's physical abilities are often hindered in battle, though he compensates with incredible stamina and durability. In the anime, Ōnoki has shown a degree of physical strength despite his old age, being able to crush rock with a single hand by clenching it.
Ōnoki is quite analytic in combat, and even stated that he normally feels a potential opponent out first before engaging in direct combat.

Kurotsuchi - Fourth Tsuchikage

Kurotsuchi is capable of using Earth, Fire, and Water Release nature transformations. Her Earth Release prowess enables her to erect a protective rock dome that was sturdy enough to endure several tons of falling rock. She's also able to hide herself in the ground, use sharp spikes made out of rock to impale her enemies and unearth things underground, creating pillars to defeat multiple enemies at once.
Kurotsuchi can combine the basic natures she can manipulate to create an advanced one by combining earth and fire-natured chakra to create Lava Release, which in her case, creates quicklime. She can use Lava Release: Quicklime Congealing Technique to cause corrosive damage, and combine it with Water Release: Water Trumpet to increase its range and cause it to harden and trap the opponent. She can also manipulate her kekkei genkai in the form of ashes which can be used to trap and seal opponents.
Other Skills
Kurotsuchi can be quite deceptive in combat. In the anime, she is revealed to be skilled in kenjutsu as well as taijutsu. She also displayed great evasiveness as well as sharp reflexes and great physical strength. In the Boruto: Naruto the Movie novel, she was stated to be the best genjutsu user amongst the five Kage.

Who wins?

Comment how you think it would go down and who would win! The winner will move on to the final round to face off against a Raikage, Mizukage, Kazekage, and Hokage!

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Last week, it came down to a battle between the Second's strength and Fourth's speed, and, in the end, Tobirama just couldn't keep up!
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I think Mū or Kurotscuchi would win. Between the two, I think this a tough decision, but I'm going to go with Mū.
@xero0 no worries! You're good!
oh ok
I would say Mu
while kurotsuchi is very powerful i have to give it to mu. the most sighted apperance by mu is after he is dead but even like that he is feared as beyond deadly and i believe that in his prime he is the strongest
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