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Mark was there, he just witnessed everything. “What’s up bro,” Hyunwoo said “Nothing, I just need to get to the bathroom.” Mark said and pushed Hyunwoo away from me towards the opposite wall and walked past us. I watched as he went into the bathroom. “That was rude….now where were we?” he said moving back to the spot he was in before. “Listen Hyunwoo, I said you’re cute but that didn’t mean I wanted to kiss you.” “What do you mean you don’t want to kiss me?” “I’m just not ready for that.” He moved closer to me. “Are you sure.” I looked down. “Yes.” He used his fingers to push my chin up so I was looking him in the eyes. “I don’t believe that.” The bathroom door creaked but Hyunwoo wasn’t moving. “I… please….. Don’t…” before I could finish he was pushed away from me again. “Sorry dude you were in my way” Mark said and started walking away but grabbed my wrist in the process and made me follow him. Hyunwoo grabbed my other wrist and pulled me back towards him. “Ouch!” I screamed and Mark turned around quick and pulled hyunwoo's hand off of me. “I need to talk to her and obviously you are not getting any from her.” Mark snapped and pulled me out of the hall and into a room. “(Y/N)!” They all said “Hi…. Why did you bring me here?” I asked Mark. “Guys can you leave for a few minutes I need to talk to her.” Mark said to the guys. “Ok but only 5 minutes, we aren’t paying to have a serious talk in here.” Junior said and they all left the room. “What do you want Mark?” “Don’t be like this?” “Be like what?” “Why did you dress up?” “Oh this, I’m on a date.” “A date?” “Yes a date, a thing people do to move on with their lives.” I snapped. “(Y/N) that guy only wants one thing.” “Well it’s none of your business. Weren’t you the one who said it was easier when I wasn’t around?” “That’s not what I meant.” “Sure Mark. I am trying to move on after all these Years and what you can’t make up your mind about what you want from me.” “I know what I want from you!” He started raising his voice. “Yea and what’s that a friend back in the states, nice and far away from you! You know Mark I really wish I would have never watched that damn interview!” I yelled at him. “Why do you have to yell!” he didn’t yell this but he said it still louder than his normal voice. “Because you don’t seem to get how hurt I am by you.” I stepped closer to him and poked his chest. “I moved here to be near you….but you don’t want me near you…why because you can’t be with me and don’t really want to be my friend. Thankfully I didn’t permanently move here for you that would have been the worst thing.” I poked him several more times. “I am really glad you are here, I am.” “That is such BS.” “Would you just shut up and listen to me!” Mark yelled and got closer to me. “No, I heard you loud and clear 2 weeks ago.” “Gosh Dammit! (y/n)” Mark yelled and pulled me close to him and pressed his lips to my lips. I was frozen. We were just arguing and now he’s kissing me. I really did miss his lips on mine; I started to kiss him back. After a few seconds I snapped out of it and I pushed him back hard. “Don’t Fucking do that!” I took a step back and felt like crying “I need you to understand me.” He said quietly now walking closer to me. “Stay away from me.” “(y/n) why can’t you understand.” “I get it I do. You can’t be with me, it’s in your contract, but if you can never be with me why can’t I move on?” “I want to be with you so badly.” “But you can’t.” “I will find a way so we can be together! I will not lose you again. Especially since you came here to be near me.” “What does that mean?” “We can be friends….that means you come over whenever you want.” “Won’t it be hard on you?” “No it was harder knowing you were here and avoiding me. Heck I heard about you running into Youngjae this morning and telling him to pretend he never saw you.” He put his hand on my cheek. “Mark.” I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. “(Y/N)” his breath hit my lips and sent shivers down my back; before I could open my eyes he kissed my lips again. “I still love you, that wasn’t a lie.” He said when he pulled back and I opened my eyes. I was staring into his eyes when the door flew open. “5 minutes is up” and they all piled in. “Well I guess I should go back to my date.” I said slowly backing away from mark and turning to the door. “You’re still going to go back to the date? Why not hang with us?” Mark said “Well I did come here with my friend and I’m sure she would be pissed if I just left her.” “I’ll walk you back to the room.” He said walking up right behind me. “No its ok.” I turned around and he was right there. “Just let him!” Bambam shouted “Fine” I laughed and we walked out the door. He quickly grabbed my hand and held it. “I’m going to text you later.” “Ok, I’ll try to respond.” I smiled “Here’s my room.” It was literally 2 doors from their room. “Alright I’ll talk to you later.” He said and kissed my forehead when the door flew open and Amber stood there shocked. “Whoa…..” she said and looked at both me and Mark. “Bye (Y/N)” he said and turned to walk away. “Wait your Mark of GOT7!” she said jumping out of the room. “Yup that’s me.” He smiled “Why don’t you come join our party?” she quickly said and Mark looked at me. “Well I’d love to but I have the guys in another room.” “They can come too.” She quickly said and turned to me. “Right (y/n)” “Yea if they want to.” I smiled but this would be awkward with Hyunwoo. “Hold on.” Mark went to their room and said something into the room and then came back over. “Why don’t you guys just come hang out with us? Any friend of (y/n) can’t be bad.” He smiled and in a second Amber was dragging the boys out of our room to their room. “I’ll go tell them we are done with our room then.” I said turning to go to the front desk. “Hello, how can I help you” the lady at the front desk asked. “I wanted to let you know we were done with our room.” She gave me the total and then I pulled out my money to realize I didn’t have enough. “Hold on let me go grab some more money.” “I got it” Mark said and put some money down on the counter. “Thank you. I thought you went back to the room.” “Nah I was waiting for you.” “Alright thank you and have a good rest of the day.” The lady said and I followed Mark back to his room. When we got in there I sat down and Mark sat next to me, and Hyunwoo sat on the other side of me. “We are still on a date right?” he asked “Um, I want to say no this is a group hang now.” “Man.” He said and turned to Minsoo and said something. I shrugged and turned back to enjoy watching everyone singing and having a good time.
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@TaylorPriddy Aww thanks!!! @SweetDuella I bet you liked that lol @Animezkpopgirl of course I'll add you to my tag list
omg it got so heated up a steam baby steam!
Finally, they're getting to where they belong!! Loved the story @SarahVanDorn, can't wait for the next part!! I just can't get enough of your fan fics!! ❤️📝❤️
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OK Mark!! Come through then!! ::swoon:
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