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I really love the videos that That Japanese Man Yuta makes. You should check them out if you're into hearing more about what Japanese people on the streets thing - Yuta just approaches them & asks questions to those who accept his interview request.
Anyways! This particular video is about which shows Japanese guys he met on the street are watching, which shows they recommend, and which shows they like best!!! It's pretty interesting, and I got a few recommendations out of watching the video :)

Do you like any of the shows they recommended?

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@SimplyAwkward I guess we both have another one to add to our lists now.
Clannad and hyouka for me!
That Japanese Man Yuta makes great interview videos! Anyone interested in Japan, I recommend watch his videos. Anyway, of those mentioned, Psycho Pass is my favorite!
I've watched almost all of those. They definitely have great recommendations