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vingle cosplay challenge day 1: http://www.vingle.net/posts/1689403?asrc=copylink
my first cosplay was of no one in particular, I was just a japanese school girl, people tried to guess who I was because I guess you can say this looks like plenty of characters in any given anime.
then the next day I used another wig and even more people tried to guess different people. This was my first con so I just wanted to experiment and get the feel of things. after that my first cosplay based on a character was Xiaoling from Tekken, after that was Ranma girl, kikyo from inuyasha, kill la kill school outfit, and others... I don't have cosplay/anime friends so I don't do as much posting here, might not keep the other days going either lol just liked this one .
always great when you can look great and not have to spend a poop ton to achieve the look in cosplay
Nice!! Just dressing up in any way for conventions deff makes it more fun, and people always try to figure out who you are haha!
oh im sorry I didn't recognize you馃榿 I've seen your tekken cosplay and its really good 馃槂馃槂im sorry now I feel bad lol
cool I'll check it out
@buddyesd it's in my cosplay collection =)
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