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~(Lavi POV)~

I went straight Royal Corp's Gym, after having dinner with Chase (ChaCha). I needed to get my head on straight, and vent at the same time. Lucky for me, I had 24/7 access to the gym when ever I liked.
The gym was near empty since night had fallen, but that was in my favor too. Allow me to claim the punching bag. I had changed into my gym attire and went right for my punching bag.
I took out all my emotions out, but froze when one of the other people in here fanboy. "Miss, Lee Nari!" I turned around to see Nari was here with her trainer, and was abused by her fans. I just took a deep breath, and whaled on the punching bag.
"Hey Lavi... now now don't break the bag." I was greeted by Nari's trainer, who just so happen to be, my friend Max from London. "Max!" I ran into his embrace, as he chuckled softly.
"That's my Lala Boo, how you been? Heard you took down one of your sister's stalkers." I grinned as I looked up at him, while he petted my head. "I've been well, and you heard right. Sometimes you just gotta use force."
I step back, and out of his hold, and watched him nod his head proudly. "Well you are the best of the best in the corporation's Security." Nari made her way over to us, acting like she was still on the runway. The vibe I got from her before changed completely.
She looked at me with disgust, and annoyance. "Ah, Nari, this is Lavi Ryan, she one of the four heirs to the company." She gave me the look that she saw me as a joke. "Okay, and? Why do I need to know who she is."
She glared at me, and lean in closely. "Just make sure my boyfriend has time for me, when ever I want to see him." Max looked confused as I just simply took a very deep breath. "I swear, if you hurt him, I will break you."
I punch the punch bag as hard as I could, and caught it after to stop it from swinging. I kept my composure, but even Max saw the fire in my eyes. She just laugh and whipped her ponytail to the side.
"He my personal play toy, you better get used to it, and if you dare try to say anything bad about me to him. Watch how fast I get you fired." I started to growl, and Max got between us.
"Now Nari, you think you can get this one fired. You're kidding yourself." I calm down a bit and smiled warmly at Max. He was one of my dearest friends, and it made me happy to have him back me up. Nari step to Max and slap him across the face.
"Let me remind you, I'm the face of this company. Not some little girl, who claims to be the best of the best. Next time remember your place... your my trainer, meaning you best be on my side." Max just glared at her, as she strut off, to the treadmills.
He just rubbed his cheek, as I kissed the other. He smiled at me, before kissing my forehead. "Just wait for'll know when to kick her ass. For now that punching bag is named Nari." He spoke softly but he always knew how to make me smile and laugh.
"I wish you the best of luck with the bitch. But I'm not kidding, she's dating the one man that not family I would lose my cool for." Max raise an eyebrow, and glance up at Nari, before giving me his attention.
"Her boyfriend is Simon Dominic, are you really his manager?" I nodded my head, as he looked between the both of us. "You need to go have a one on one talk with him, I will distract her with a long workout."
I never had to say anything about my feelings with Max. If I said I would risk going to jail for someone outside my family, it meant I had grown attached to them. I didn't hesitate, and ran for it, and didn't bother changing out of my workout clothes.
I just knew my window was small, but I had to at least talk this all out with Simon. Great thing my baby was down stairs with its matching helmet.

~(Simon POV)~

"Hey Simon Hyung, You think I can talk to you?" Chacha came over to me, as I edited a new track on my phone. "Sure, what's up?" I said, while he sat down beside me. "You're new girlfriend, what made you fall for her?"
I arched an eyebrow at his question, but I did think about it. "Other than the fact that she beautiful, she sweet, kind, great with kids, knows how our world works, and that smile makes me melt every time."
He nodded his head, and crossed his arm, but I scents another question coming my way. "Okay, and what do you think of Lala." That question threw me off guard, and made me wonder what he was trying to get at.
"Lavi? She like that little sister I always wanted. She looks out for me, by making sure I eat, always have something to drink. Checks on me to make sure I'm at my schedule on time, even if she has to drive me herself. She has her cute moments, when she just sitting here on this couch."
I smiled at the memories I had made with Lavi, since she join our team.
"She tends to spend her days off here with me, even though the Duck-ie problem has been resolved. She'll simply play a game on her tablet, or phone. That's if she not taking a nap, and seeing if I'm hungry yet. Funny though how she acts like she working on her day's off when she not."
I noticed Chacha had raised an eyebrow. "Dude you are fucking blind..." I was taken back by his statement as I looked him over.
"Here you are ranting on about all these small things, Lavi does for you even when she's not working... Hell she show she was willing to take a hit for you at the club. Yet, when it comes to Nari, she still hasn't shown you any of the things Lavi's been willing to do for you, even though she 'just your manager'."
He used his hands for the quotation's around 'just your manager', before getting up.
"Watch Lavi's reactions to you carefully. Cause you didn't even notice, she was stun by the fact that you had a girlfriend. She even clung onto Duck-ie to maintain her calm composure. I think she might be willing do more for you than you believe."
After his finish his speech, he wave and headed out of the studio. I wish I understood what that was all about, though. It felt like he was trying to tell me something, without telling me.
I just shook it off, and went back to work, when the door swung oppa. I looked up, startled by the sudden barging in, to see an out of breath, Lavi. She was showing more than usual, as she stood there panting, in a sports bra, and spandex leggings.
She had all black helmet in her hand, and black biker gloves. "So you have a motorcycle?" I chuckled softly, and smiled at her as I noticed her eyes were a bit watery. "Kiseok oppa, we need to talk."
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@HayleyYates can i keep you? lol. 😊
@pandaqueenbee Not right now, maybe later. I have A LOT of fanfiction to catch up on today 😂😂😂
I've seen a lot of dramas and read some stories too. are korean women really like this? or is it for show?. I mean their pretty but to be that mean and devious. That's messed up. plus she doesn't deserve simon.
Will he finally get a confession or will she chicken out? I need the chapters to be longer 😆.
@MissT615 she a korean woman in an american label so who knows right lol @RedChord haha I'm working on it and i love what you did there @HayleyYates take your time :) this one isn't going anywhere anytime soon lol