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Nobuyoshi Araki

Known as the man who defines the line between porn and art, Nobuyoshi Araki has become one of the most influential and controversial photographers in the world. (A first edition copy of his works costing up to $9000) This video, showing two of his most famous works, starts with A Sentimental Journey. A photo catalog of his honeymoon with his wife. It goes into the deep intricacies of life, from their sexual encounters to the foreshadowing of her eventual death. (the picture of a butterfly resting on a gravestone) The second half of the book, entitled A Winters Journey, is the subsequent chronicled ending of his wife's life. Taking place in 1990, knowing she is on her death bed he catalogues their day to day routine. Many pictures featuring their cat (whom Araki had felt connected them throughout marriage). Leading up to her funeral, and the solitude Araki felt after her passing. This book is not meant as a piece to be admired photographically. It breaks all rules of photography, the photos are hastily taken, rarely observing composition, and in certain cases, under horrible lighting conditions. But by breaking all personal boundaries and displaying a beautifully sad environment it is meant to leave a lasting impression. This book is truly art. It is meant to take the reader on an emotional journey within the pictures without a single word. Death comes so quickly. It is the longing premonition of acceptance that drives the feeling of sadness in losing a loved one. Araki attempts to show its quick assent and denies it a permanent grasp on his emotions. When she dies he can only describe loneliness, not sadness. Love is only earnest when the two are together. Ultimately can love truly exist alone?
@hokkaidoking that is what I hate most in art. things only got ot value when the master paased away .
I think it will be worth even more once he dies. It's probably a bargain now.
"A first edition copy of his works costing up to $9000" + Wow, that is really expensive for one copy then !!!
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