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I am working on yet another fanfic. Yes, ANOTHER!
I have so may ideas and so little time and a lot of stress…sigh…but when I write I forget everything stressful and I see how much people love my stories. It encourages me to want to keep writing. I love reading peoples comments and hearing their thoughts.
So the other story I am working on is a …
BTS- Suga (Min Yoongi) fanfic… Mwuahaha!

And the title is…(drum roll)

Toxic Rose.

Doesn't he just look so DAMN SMEXY in this photo??
Can you tell what the story might be about with this photo and title?
UHG, punk. I tired too, okay. Aish… I, too, have a lot going on. You don't even seem to care.

I'm so weird…sorry guys lol

OH BOO I miss you too! Wish I was there!! Don't cry…TT-TT
Burn it up, burn it up baby!
Burn baby, burn…
Ok I'm done lol…XD
So with the GIFs can you tell what its about now??
Well I'll drop some clues/hints.
Pain, trouble maker, hate & love, violence, angst, dark…
2 halves make a whole, but what does 2 dark souls make?
It's a ticking time bomb on repeat. Two toxic people is never a good thing…sigh…
I'mma just say that this story is going to be a lot of stress on me lol. It's gonna be a difficult confusing one… I feel bad/sorry to young and you …lol ;P
BTW your name would be Jangmi in the story. The name means rose and it's thanks to a dear friend of mine who helped chose the name. (@ShailaZaman)
Well…thats all lol. Peace homies!

Until next time!

~L out!

Mah Homies

(If you wish to be tagged or untagged please let me know. Thank you! ^^)


I love yoongi 😍😍 Please tag me!
Taggs please!!! So Excited to read this!!!!
Tag me in the story please
Um make sure to tag me plz 😂😂😂😂 cuz you know IT'S ABOUT MIN YOONGI 😱
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