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Everyone stared at him in complete shock, both the bride and groom freezing as they slowly turned their eyes to him, who stood so proudly. His arms lay by his side, his eyes never leaving yours, ignoring the glistening tears that slowly slipped out of your eyes as he walked out of the pew he was sitting at.
“I object. You really think I can let you go that easily?”
“You lost that right Jeon Jungkook! The second you neglected me, the second you took my love for granted. Reality check, I’m worth more than you can give.” You hissed angrily, Taehyung’s reassuring hand holding you back by your arm, gently hushing you while Jungkook stepped closer, everyone’s eyes focused on the scene before them, engrossed in the drama.
“I know, but I’m what you need-”
“You don’t know me, how could you possibly know what I want?” You hissed, Taehyung fully holding you back, ignoring your struggles with every word you spat at Jungkook.
“You left me, you neglected me, cheated on me, played me, made me look like a fool, who gives you the right to come and barge in here thinking things would actually go your way? You have some nerve to even attend here when you were the one who messed up, you had your chance to fix everything but you left, we divorced, we split, I’m done with you, no matter what we might’ve had in the beginning. It will never happen again.”
“I know. But it was worth a try.” He mumbled, putting his hands in his pockets, looking at the ground. The atmosphere had become tense, the hall completely quiet as people looked between you and Jungkook, no one daring to say a word.
“Leave.” Taehyung spoke up, causing Jungkook’s head to snap up. “You didn’t have a right to do what you did, and you’ve made (Y/N) distressed enough, so please just leave.” He mumbled, sending him a sympathetic look before leading you back to your rightful spot, the ceremony awkwardly resuming.
Jungkook turned his heel, his cheeks burning in anger as he slammed the doors open, letting them forcefully shut on his way out. His heard thudded in his chest with every step he took. He lost, he was defeated, he didn’t know what else to do. He imagined you running into his arms, confessing how much you wanted him back, how much you still cared about him.
But nothing. Life wasn’t some fairy-tale that worked in his favor at a simple wish. He couldn’t hold you in his arms again, he couldn’t brush your hair away from your face while you’re sleeping, he couldn’t picture you in your house, he couldn’t picture your kids running around.
You were right. He took you for granted, he didn’t show you how much he cared, he didn’t fight for you enough, and those were the biggest regrets of his life. He leaned against the side of the building, waiting until the ceremony was over, the sound of doors opening and people cheering caught his attention, watching as Taehyung held you bridal style in his arms, ecstatic smiles on both your faces as he gently placed you in the car, driving off to who knows where.
He waited, watched, admired how you grew up over the years. He saw you have your first child, a beautiful blend of you and Taehyung, how you had more children after, how you cared for them and took them to school, teaching them to ride a bike. He saw everything from a distance, wanting you to be safe and happy.
He watched Taehyung wrap his arms around your waist, watching your children play in admiration. Jungkook couldn’t help but feel a pang in his chest, wanting it to be him. He miserably watched you peck Taehyung lovingly on the lips, both of you rushing to praise your child, who pointed in the direction Jungkook was standing at.
You were the first one to meet his eyes, his bloodshot eyes, the pale skin he had grown to have over the year, the bags under his eyes from sleepless nights. You excused yourself from your husband, walking over to Jungkook, who instantly straightened himself.
“Life’s been treating you well.” He said hoarsely, admiring you up close. “Is this how it felt?” He whispered, clenching his fists. “Is this how you felt?”
“You mean the constant pain in knowing the person you once loved so deeply would never come back? The pain in watching them with someone else and knowing you can never be like them? That you can never hold them in your arms, how you can’t make them that happy anymore? How you feel so useless to the point you want to cry? Then yes. That’s exactly how it felt.” You mumbled, looking at him softly.
“Why are you doing this to yourself?”
“I wanted to know the pain I caused you. I wanted to feel the taste of my own medicine. I just.. I wanted you.”
“It’s funny how you want me when you can’t have me anymore.”
“Your family’s beautiful.”
“Thank you.”
“Can I just hold you one last time?”
“Because, if I were to die tomorrow, I’d want to know the feeling of having you in my arms one last time. To remember what I lost.”
You hugged him tightly, feeling his arms snake around your waist as he took in every detail of your body. He closed his eyes, taking mental notes in hopes that he would remember everything about you, despite you being long gone from his life. He stroked your hair, feeling the smell of it, the way it felt around his fingers. He pursed his lips, ignoring the wet tears falling down from both your eyes. The bittersweet good-bye like poison to you both.
“I love you.”
“I know.”


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