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Today I decided to do some research about how I can make a new wig for Selphie from FF8 when I cosplay her hopefully early next year! For those that don't know, she looks like the above!
Now, I couldn't find any video tutorial exactly for her wig, but I think using this tutorial as a reference will be good! I basically am going to need a light wig, hairspray, and some heat! It's not actually nearly as hard as I thought it was going to be, haha! I'm really excited to get to try to make this one soon :)
I also think just referencing this wig drill tutorial will help me when I'm working on the wig itself, so putting that here too! It's definitely more extreme that I need but it really shows how to hold shape!
@MarcusCollins me too!! I plan to replay it soon; once I finish my ff7 replay up haha
final fantasy 8 was one of my favorite