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*They are humble af
*They are so down to earth and genuine
*They make music based on social issues
*Money is not their main concern
*They donate to those in need
*They help clean up after events
*They put their fans before themselves
*They are shy buns but are always up to risk things for their fans, especially yongguk
*Bad ageyo (cause come on, you have to love their cringe worthy ageyo)
*Their love for food (they did a sexy dance just for food)
*Their insults towards each other (can’t you just feel the love~)
*Their love for children
*Their passion for music and willingness to inspire others
*Doing vapp on the most random occasions just to keep fans updated
*They’re all handsome and so lovely
*Their looks could kill * One minute cute af to sexy af
*Every member is a bias wrecker * Their dorky and weird personalities
*They handed roses to fans
*They give food to their fans
*Make sure to tell their fans to eat well, study well, etc.
*Genuinely, are people you could trust
~cough cough~boyfriend/husband material
*Having the love and support from each other, they’re just one big family (I love them so much)
*Ohana means family and family means no one gets left behind, yeah I’m talking about the lawsuit.
*They waited for zelo to turn of age in order to do it.
*They suffer together. They remain together.
*Money issues didn’t break them apart, it brought them closer together
*Fought together as one
*Now I’m just becoming an emotional mess
*Love bap
*They are the most precious buns you will ever encounter
*They do everything for their fans
*They are so humble
*Have I mentioned humble
*They are so humble
*They said winning is not on their mind, being with fans is what’s important
*I could cry right now
*Just love bap
*Just do it
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Vingle Fam:
+ I know I shouldn't be the pervert to ruin this heartfelt moment we're having but... "They waited until Zelo was of age to do it" I'M SORRY KILL ME NOW. my mind wandered off to places it shouldn't be
B.A.P is and will forever be my ultimate bias group 😽❤ those boys give so much and ask for nothing in return, they are truly everything an idol should aspire to be.
@Helixx I'm definitely checking them out. I trust your opinion. you haven't steer me wrong so far.
@MelissaGarza You definitely have room in your heart for B.A.P. They are worth the feels, I promise. They are amazing and so talented. Go check them out. @PrettieeEmm Thank you for this card. It's a great reminder of why these boys are so great.
@CosmicCassidy I know you like them too now but you don't love them as much as me . - . so look at this and cry with me. or tell me I'm crazy as I cry. you know whatevs
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