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So I just saw the new mics that EXO will be using for EXO'rDIUM...
Me realizing that there were TEN mics...
Realizing WHY they needed ten mics...
Finally realizing that SM almost played us....don't they understand how sensitive EXO-Ls are towards numbers???
Meanwhile SM...
I can't believe the concert starts tomorrow and I'm sitting here like a potato waiting for some kind soul to post fancams *sigh* It's gonna be lit fam...
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@Kpossible4250 probably backup for if one malfunctions
wait, did anyone notice the bottom of the mics? Their logo is on the underside.
i want one of those mics! not cuz its used by EXO but cuz theyre pretty lol
10 mics and 9 members. ......GAH I CANT TAKE THIS ABUSE S.M (But lowkey those mics are awesome)