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I'll make a POLLS OPINION about this picture edited of LEE MIN HO. WHAT CAN YOU SAY ABOUT THIS PICTURE??
lose the eyelashes! They are not necessary. your natural beauty/handsomeness is enough for you to shine through.'s beautiful... like it but that is so gayish..hehe...
@mheekell unnie u can do dat I won't be able 2 sorry no matter what hehe I really love the manliness of my oppa soo much Lols 馃槈
Yes @ saharjalpari9 .. I don't like either.. If other people doing that.. But if the works calling to make a girly thing fine for me.. 馃憤
@rebeccamujan sorry I don't agree oppa has a beautiful but MANLY face I really don't like when people do dat my oppa is a complt MANLY oppa it was the only reason I fall for him at first place bcs he is soo manly them love him more for cute sweet humble nature sorry I just don't like when ppl do dat he is really my MANLY LMH OPPA馃槤
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