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Everyone...This isn't about Kpop, but it's about something important to me... MCR, or My Chemical Romance. They might be back....I don't know for sure, but they posted something on YouTube (The video above), and I just hope they are back. It was something about 9.23.16, so I can't wait for this date.
How I felt.
We, since I'm pretty sure no one really knows about MCR on here, here's a little info.
My favorite song by them.
Other songs.
Look them up, because their amazing!!
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Omg I saw the title of this card and got so excited 馃槀. MCR will forever be one of my favorite bands and if they actually get back together I'm probably going to cry.
I will forever sing "Blood" whenever I go to donate. x) Helena will always be my favorite. 馃槃
MCR was one of my favorite groups when I was younger x3 I remember the first time I watched the MV to teenagers it actually scares me haha xD but their music is all really great and really fun to sing along to 馃挋
No matter how many years it's been since I've passed my emo stage I'll still love these guys. The gazette (jrock and visual kei) group is the one that will stay in my heart. but I have met MCR I warped tour a few times since I had an all-access pass. It's sucks I have connections in the American rock world but not the kpop one I know and love today
Yeah I heard! Ugh no matter how many years go by my emo side comes out when I hear them lol
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