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SBS‘s popular drama, I Hear Your Voice, has been green-lit for two more episodes. The overwhelming response from viewers convinced the producers that an extension would be a good idea, and by the looks of a new cameo, it sounds like a great decision. Kim Min-jong will be making an appearance in the drama as lawyer Choi Yoon. What makes things interesting? Min-jong had the same exact role in A Gentleman’s Dignity, so this will be a little mix of drama universes, huh? He’ll be acting as a lawyer sunbae to Kwan-woo, played by Yoon Sang-hyun. This might be a short cameo, but it’s just a favor for the PD, who was the director for Min-jong’s 2006 drama, Hyena. In addition to Min-jong’s cameo, Dream High‘s Eom Ki-joon has been reported to drop by to play as another lawyer. A lot of lawyers, huh? This extension makes the drama end up to be 18 episodes, and, while officials explained that it was a decision based on plot, it’s obviously something that was thought up due to popularity. In fact, ratings were 22.8% last Thursday, being the first weekday drama to reach past 20% in months! I Hear Your Voice will now be ending on August 1st.
super great drama..
done with episode 17. they look sooo cute together. Park Soo Ha, deserved to be the Best Actor. He really give justice to his character.Proud of him..
love it so much !
Great act ...'-"