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Kim Hyun Joong Will Be Back In Your Living Room
How nice it will be to see him on screen again. After a three year hiatus from the drama world, popular artist Kim Hyun Joong will be successfully assimilating back to the TV screen. Announcing his recent addition to cast of new KBS drama Generation of Youth, Joong will be portraying the male lead of Sin Jeong Tae. To be set in the backstreets of Shanghai during the 1930′s, Sin Jeong Tae is not only known for his clumsy and random tendencies but for his fighting skills that are unmatched within the area. The tale is set to take you on a youthful journey that includes the trials and tribulations of love, passion, and friendship as described in the original done by Bang Hak-Gi. Hopefully, this will be a much more successful run than City Conquest in which he had to respectfully bow out of due to other unforeseen issues. We wish Kim Hyun Joong and all other participants the best of luck throughout filming. SOURCE: Han Cinema READ MORE AT 24-7 KPOP: 24-7kpop.com/2013/07/05/kim-hyun-joong-will-be-back-in-your-living-room/
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