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Gifs, pretty much just Kyungil
Photos from their individual instagrams, 2 Yijeong, 1 Sihyoung and 1 Jaeho. (Slightly Edited)
@gaewha for songs I recommend "Baby, Hello", Dokyun's solo "Whenever", Yijeong's solo "1Century", "It's Alright", "Wild Boy", "Ghost", + all their title tracks cause they're great + the rest of their songs cause I love em all XD It's all on Spotify if you have that:
@gaehwa Alright let's look at this photo from their most recent comeback: Now from left to right, Sihyoung, Kyungil, Yijeong(front), Dokyun(back) and Jaeho. Let's do a quick description sorted by age now. Song Kyungil: born 1987, Leader, sexy bastard, vocalist and rapper, has studied modern dance. Na Dokyun: born 1991, adorable shy cutie, main vocalist. Kim Sihyoung: born 1992, hilarious, main rapper. Kim Jaeho: born 1992, quite rude, vocalist, rapper. Jang Yijeong: born 1993, maknae, smol, main vocalist, writes the majority of their newer songs.
Aww, I like that! I thought it'd be different idols but nope! All HISTORY :) 鉂わ笍
I just died of happiness thank you馃槺馃挋
History is a work of art
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