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And happy Turn-Up Thursday! Here is the next chapter of this fanfiction for you to enjoy! Have fun riding the rollercoaster of feels~ :3 Missed the other chapters or need a recap? I gotchu~ Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4

Chapter 5 - Hurt

"Are you sure you are alright?" Hongbin asked me, patching up my head in the nurse's office. "U-Uh," I responded as I stared at Hakyeon who was standing by the door, looking into the hallway. What the hell was that? Why did I see that little boy and why did he look so familiar? I sat on the seat, trying to figure this weird phenomenon out when I suddenly winced in pain at the sudden cold ice that went against the bump on my forehead. "Sorry," Hongbin whispered. "It's okay. It was just so cold, that's all." I gave him a small smile. "You are so clumsy, I swear. I need to watch you 24/7 it seems like." Hongbin laughed. "Apparently." I laughed in return. I exhaled slowly as Hongbin put a cold patch on my head to prevent it from swelling as I continued to stare at Hakyeon. The boy looked very similar to him. It was kind of creepy almost. I just don't understand what that all was. Maybe a memory? He did look very young - about 5 or 6? Nah, I think you are overthinking things Y/N. It was probably nothing. I mean, I just hit my head - it would be natural for me to start seeing things from the sudden collision. "Done!" Hongbin said as he went over to throw the wrapping away. I slowly climbed down from the table, taking my time, as I tried to stand up. Thinking everything was fine, I tried taking a step when my legs gave out. I almost hit the floor when Hongbin caught me. "Woah there. Take it slow," He reassured, as I put my head up to my head, fighting the pain. I nodded in response, motioning for him that I will walk slow. He let go of me and after a couple of steps, I was walking somewhat normally. I practically limped over to where Hakyeon was near the doorframe and I leaned against the other side for support. "Okay, we should be good to go back to class. Thank you guys for helping me. Sorry for making us late." I apologized. "It's fine Y/N don't worry about it." Hongbin said. Hakyeon nodded agreeing with him. "It's not like you purposely ran into the pole, so it's all good." Hakyeon stated. "Now come on, you can use my shoulder to help get back to class." "A-Ah I am okay. I can walk, see?" I suggested as I was embarrassed at the thought of it. I got up from the door frame and started walking down the hallway when I tripped over something and almost fell again if Hongbin and Hakyeon had not caught me. "You clearly can't walk on your own, so come on, shoulder," he grabbed me right arm and placed it around his broad shoulders as he slipped his hand around my waist and we started walking, Hongbin walking next to us. "You know there is a good thing about all of this," I told them. They looked at me confused. "We missed some of the boring lecture," they laughed at that, as we continued to walk back to class.
The bell rang signaling that school was done for the day. "Ah, finally!" I yelled, stretching my arms out. "Now to deal with Leo." "Let's hope he is in a better mood today." Hakyeon agreed. "Well good luck with that today guys and I will see you tomorrow!" Hongbin called out as he walked out the door. "Have fun tutoring!" I screamed back, probably out of earshot. "Ready?" Hakyeon asked me. "Y-Yeah. Let me get my stuff packed and then we can go." I hastily packed my items into my bag and as I tried to get up from my desk I almost fell over again. "Aish...This is ridiculous." I cursed. "Do you need help again? Are you-" "I should be okay. Thanks though Hakyeon. I am actually surprised you were nice to me earlier." I rambled. "What do you mean surprised?" Just now realizing what I said, I wanted to slap myself in the face. "N-Nothing..." I tried to trail off but he didn't buy it. "Okay what is it. I may not have known you long but when you stutter like that it is something." I sighed, stopping. "I thought that you hated and/or were mad at me this morning when you ran away. I know you saw me!" I accused. "I-I didnt-" "See you stutter too! Tell me what is wrong!" "No! Nothing is wrong. It was nothing I promise!" He quickly started walking ahead of me again, trying to obviously avoid this topic. "It is too something! Otherwise you wouldn't be running from me!" I yelled after him, running to catch up with him, slower than usual. We reached the garden as I was still chasing him when Leo jumped in front of us. Making Hakyeon scream and stop and me running into him, hitting the same spot as before. "What do you two think you are doing?!" He shouted. "N-nothing-" "I was-" "Didn't you two learn the last time you both ran in this garden?!" We lowered our heads as we were scolded as if we said anything, we were afraid that we would be eaten alive. He quickly gave us the supplies and we went to tending to the garden. "Looks like he is in a bad mood again," I whispered. "We didn't help it for sure," Hakyeon agreed. "Do I hear whispering?!" Leo asked from the chair not even looking over in our direction. "No!" We responded. After an hour, we had tended a good portion of the garden and we felt very accomplished. I was starting to get tired when suddenly something was brought in front of me. Water. I looked up to see that it was Ravi who had brought us some drinks. I got up and took the water from his head and bowed in thanks. "Thank you," I said, Hakyeon repeating the same thing. I took a sip and let out a big sigh in response. "Enjoy the drink?" He asked. We both nodded our heads. I went to hand him the cup when he grabbed my arm instead, pulling the side of my head closer to his lips. "Good. Because it will be the last drink you will ever have." He spat. I froze at his threatening words. "Wh-" "I know what you did with Hakyeon. I know that you are playing Ken just for his popularity. He is just too blind to see it, but when I tell him what I saw you two doing - hugging in broad daylight - this little game of yours will be over." I blinked repeatedly trying to take everything in, when I started to protest. "A-Ani! That was nothing! There is nothing between Hakyeon and I!" Hakyeon looked confused at my statement as it was the only thing he could make out through this whole conversation. "Tell that to someone who cares." He pushed me from his grasp and I fell on my butt, wincing in pain. "Yah! Ravieh! Don't ruin my garden!" Leo screamed from a distance, witnessing the whole thing. "Oh shut it Leo." He waved it off as he waltzed back into the school building, leaving me hurt and confused. "Are you alright?" Hakyeon asked as he helped me to my feet. "U-Uh." I responded. "What an asshole. Pushing you to the ground like that. Well I just oughta-" "It's okay, Hakyeon. I am okay." He glanced at me worried and when I looked at him reassuring him that everything would be fine, he nodded and we both went back to work. "Okay no more breaks for the two of you! Back to work my little slaves~" Leo singed, laughing after he spoke. What a weirdo.
"We are walking back home now. We will see you soon." I texted my mom after we were done. Ding. "Okay, well it is later than expected so I am going to bed. I left food for you two in the fridge. You can just heat it up. Hakyeon can't stay over too late tonight, okay? And don't be too loud!" "Alright, thank you mom~" I put my phone back in my pocket as Hakyeon and I walked, sore from today's garden work. "That garden seems to never end," He yawned. "Seriously, we did so much today but we only got halfway. We really will have to do this until Friday." I sighed, Hakyeon mimicking my actions. "So what was that with Ravi?" He suddenly asked. "He thinks that there is something going on between you and I and that I am just using Ken. He practically threatened to end me." Hakyeon looked shocked. "Daebak. He must have really been a gangster. That sounds so scary." "Right? I almost peed my pants to be honest." I laughed. "So what are you going to do?" He asked. I pondered for a moment, when I thought of something. "I just have to text Ken before Ravi tells him, letting him know that there is nothing going on between us so he doesn't get any wrong ideas." I responded, starting to pull out my phone. "Really? You feel nothing for me?" Hakyeon whispered, too quiet for me to hear. "Hmm, what did you say? I didn't hear you." I said. "N-Nothing." He said, stuttering again. I thought it was something but I was too distracted by the text I had just received to notice. "So you really were just using me? Wow, to think I believed that you actually cared. You actually like Hakyeon instead?" I stared at it, confused at what to respond back. "No! It is nothing like that at all! This whole incident happened right after you made me cry and I ran into him. I told him to go away and leave me alone, but he refused and hugged me to comfort me. That is it." Ding. "So he just likes you then? Is that what I am hearing?" I glanced at the phone in confusion. I looked over at Hakyeon and studied him. "Hey Hakyeon." I said. "Yes?" He responded. "Do you like me?" He stopped very abruptly, his eyes widening very quickly as if he was panicking. "W-What?" He asked, his voice a little higher than usual. "Ken seems to have this crazy idea that you like me. I know its not true but I had to ask." I smiled at him. "Ani! How could I like you. That is crazy! I mean I just met you and I am trying to find someone else that I have been looking for in awhile and to think that I could start to like you after only 3 days is crazy! CRAZY!" He rambled, his voice even higher than the last time, leaving me confused. I laughed out loud. His red face glanced at me confused. "No need to get flustered! I know it isn't true! Your rambling was pretty cute though, I will give you that but I don't know why you are so nervous about it!" I hit his shoulder playfully, and he chuckled a bit as he brushed it off. His face was redder than before but I didn't notice that tiny detail. "He definitely doesn't like me. He is looking for another girl that he knew when he was younger so there is no way that he would like me, okay? Do you believe me?" I texted to Ken. Man, only three days since we have been 'together' and all this confusion already. This is going to be a long thirty days for sure. Ding. "Kind of, but I want you to do something for me so something like this doesn't happen again." What could it be? Ding. "I want you to stop hanging out with him." I stared at this text and stopped in my tracks. What the hell? He is nervous and he wants me to stop hanging out with Hakyeon? But he is my friend! I don't leave friends for guys. That is just wrong. Ding. "So you choose Y/N. It is either stop hanging out with Hakyeon or our time is up. I can't do this with someone if I don't trust them. I can't be hurt again." I scoffed. This punk, thinking he is all that. I pondered for a while before I texted what I did next. "Fine. Well, I choose friendship over a possessive guy any day. I can't believe you won't trust me. If this is how low you think of me, then we really should stop trying to make this thing work as it obviously won't. Don't try talking to me again or I will hit you where it hurts. Thanks for breaking my heart Ken. Good-bye." As I was texting him back, I hadn't realized that I was crying until Hakyeon put a hand on my shoulder. "What is wrong?" I put my phone back in my pocket after pressing send and continued walking. "N-Nothing." I wiped my nose and eyes with my sleeve and wanted to just get home when Hakyeon pulled me back, pulling me to halt. "Tell me what is wrong." He sighed, looking at me, waiting for an answer. "I don't want to worry you. I-It's fine really. I am fi-" Before I could finish, I started balling, bringing my hands to cover my face. This is the second time Ken has hurt me. God, what did I see in him? Hakyeon pulled me into a hug, petting my hair to help me calm down. "It's okay, Y/N. It will be okay." He whispered. I felt terrible that he was the only one here again to comfort me. I tried to break away so he wouldn't have to do this, when he brought me back to him. "Don't worry about it, okay? Just let me comfort you. I don't want to let you go until you stop." I was shocked at his words, but too lost in tears I nodded and hugged him back as I cried into his shoulder for the second time this week. After awhile, I started to calm down and as I did, I pulled back from Hakyeon and looked up at him. "Oh my god. You look like some type of monster!" He said, making me laugh. He started to wipe the tears and snot from my face with his sleeve. "Sorry for doing this to you...again." I whispered. "I think I have become used to it. My Y/N would cry all the time as well so I am well trained in helping comfort people." He smiled at me and brought his arm back to his side. "Well thanks. God, I am such a mess. Well, do you still want to study tonight? I might be able to-" "No, don't worry about it. We can do it this weekend, okay?" I nodded. "Let's continue heading home okay?" I sighed, following him as he started walking again. After 10 minutes we made it back, and I was about to walk away when he grabbed me by arm again. "Hmm?" I asked, still sniffling from earlier. "How about I give you my number so in case anything happens you can contact me?" He asked. I was surprised at his sudden request, but I agreed as we seem to have grown pretty close these last few days. I gave him my phone and after entering in his number, I sent a quick text to him, letting him have my number as well. "Thanks. Sorry again-" "I swear if you say sorry one more time I will hit you." He laughed. "It's fine okay? Now go to bed and I will wait for you in the morning so you don't have to see him okay?" I nodded. I started to walk away when I stopped. I turned around to see that Hakyeon was still standing there. I quickly ran back and hugged him. "Thank you. I mean it." I said, and after saying those words I ran home, not realizing that Hakyeon was frozen and completely red in the face as I went inside. I locked the door behind me and took off my shoes and ran upstairs. I went and plopped on my bed. I was about to get up to brush my teeth when I got a text. "Sleep well, okay? Don't stay up late." Hakyeon had texted. I smiled at his words. "Okay, mom." I laughed. Ding. "Yah! Don't call me that!" "Good night, Hakyeon. See you tomorrow." Ding. "Good night^^" Too lazy to get up, I made sure my alarm was set for tomorrow and I drifted off, oblivious to how my life would change in the morning.

Aigoo...so much drama...

But what is life without drama and misunderstandings, right? Thank everyone for reading this chapter and look forward to the next one next Thursday! Also, if you would like to be added to this taglist, let me know as I would love to add you! Love you fam~ Thunder Buddies!: @ElleHolley @ashleyemmert @KhrystinaLee @EliseB @Dianabell @sarabear1021 @twistedpuppy @ScarletMermaid @JessWang90 @narutobandgeek @nadinerzz @NasiaWright @Helixx @isabellaelliott@JaiiPanda @Isolate @CreeTheOtaku @ChubbyDumpling @Cutebabylay @kennaxx Tagging the fictionists: @Sailynn @lopleaf19 @VeronicaArtino @CallMeMsDragon @Defy24601 @ESwee @faith92 @resavalencia @SugaMint @Jinnyrod3 @PrincessUnicorn @mrsyookihyun @MaggieHolm @JamiMilsap @Elena166 @MsLoyalHeart @sosoaloraine23 @Kieuseru @yeniyx23 @AlyssaGelet818 @Ercurrent @VKookie47 @taylorthetwist @AraceliJimenez @monicacerroblan @SusiBosshammer @BAbrajan1 @SierraBecerra @frisky199123 @Izab3lla @RaquelArredondo @EmilyGardner @CallMeMsDragon @tiffany1922 @LisetteZapata @jocelynleosmusi @taisiakaps90 @tinafalcon22 @zzzdonk @KaeliShearer @ManduBum @Eliortiz13 @ammagrande @BridgetJara @SindyHernandez @drummergirl691 @gyapittman @JincyAbraham @Kpossible4250 @Izzy987 @MidnightMadness @JaxomB @ammagrande @Tipmon @EmilyPeacock @CamrynCherry @ParkHwaYoung @selfishmachines @megancurrent9 @screamoparadise @BereniceMaqueda @sculptedintoart @Starbell808 @HeichousRegalia @Saeda1320 @KristinaCaron @MaritessSison @Ktc612 @CrystalGuerra @BrennaHarding @Saeda1320 @JeniseRamos @KeraDelatorre @merryjayne13 @sarahdarwish @Eliortiz13 @KDluvR1999 @FridaOsorio @MariaDls @HayleyYates @ArhenBurris @dchapple45 @RedChord @Saeda1320 @chisom756 @SummerWhipple @tiffany1922 @hanheeyoung1126 @NicoleFireRose @ezzygomez24 @SarahHm11 @nathalyalamo298 @catchyacrayon @BetseyBleau @Animezkpopgirl @JessicaFigueroa @EleanorKriegel @NadineEsquivel @RKA916 @karinajune1017 @janellym123 @Tabili @conversehigh @leelee12 @SarahIvester @amberg171997 @MnM1264 @kanatm @BlackJackXXX @SerenaArthurs @Breezeelizabeth @jimin21abs @annapearlgale @goinnutz22 @Orihemay @Animezkpopgirl @AmberRelynn @TaliaMay14 @CLAKPOP @GossamoKewen95 @sweetwhitetiger @MaggieHolm@DarciAragon @sarahdarwish @Justis @MRich @ItatiSanchez @UnicornSuga @Shadyllamas @Zyxzj @AmberRelynn @resavalencia @Kpossible4250 @Miyukichan @NadineEsquivel @AnnieGoodman @YviLole15 @catchyacrayon @GossamoKewen95 @SyumbiUchiha @mrsyookihyun @kanatm @Gaarita100 @AlexisCortez @otakukpoper @drummergirl691 @ESwee @Rachelwoo2 @SerenaArthurs @Xoxojessica12 @megancurrent9 @BereniceMaqueda @SummerFranz @KierstinAndrews @kookieandjin @Ercurrent @ShinoYuki @Defy24601
I didn't see Hyun-Ae but I did see you put Leo instead of Ravi before the, "He thinks that there is something going on between you and I and that I am just using Ken....."
Oh gosh, sooooo much drama, at first I thought Ravi was being sweet by giving her water but then it got dark, like Ravi what's wrong with you boy? And Ken being a butt nugget and making y/n cry again, aish hopefully Ken will realize that he is being ridiculous and he'll just leave y/n and Hakyeon alone.
@Lexxcisco my pleasure! Be sure you are fully awake and well fed before writing! I always make sure that I am fully awake before I write anything or make a card because I don't want to make mistakes! Keep that in mind Lexi! I enjoyed the chapter.
Hyun-Ae? What's she doing in here?
What is Ravi's issue! Geez! 😄Loved the chapter!
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