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As many if you know the ongoing court case between the former members of exo have been long and tedious. Today they dropped this lovely bomb.
I personally believe SM just wants to keep the money coming in and could care less about them. Their slave contracts are still in effect. ...... They left for that specific reason! There isn't an update about Tao's case right now, but let's hope at least one of them gets away. What's your thoughts?
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@MaggieHolm They can't do anything anymore. The case is closed. Tao lost his now Kris and Luhan. That's that.
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Can someone explain this in a more simple way?
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@IwuvKpop Kris Tao and Luhan left because of terrible conditions from SM's harsh scheduling that took a toll physically and mentally on them. Because they signed a contract till 2022 SM wont let them go even after they left. The court fights between Luhan, Kris and SM said that they will still be under SM's contract till it expires in 2022 and on top of that they will avoid areas of Japan and Korea solely for SM to promote but the last thing is since they are under contract parts of their money income will still go to SM till their contract expires. Does it Make sense now?
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@JadeOwens so they will still be doing what they normally do, but the money they earn will go to SM? And are they still a part of EXO?
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@IWuvKpop no they will not return to Exo, they will give parts of their money to SM because they are still under the contract terms, but yes as long as they avoid parts of Japan and Korea they can do what they are doing now.
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