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As many if you know the ongoing court case between the former members of exo have been long and tedious. Today they dropped this lovely bomb.
I personally believe SM just wants to keep the money coming in and could care less about them. Their slave contracts are still in effect. ...... They left for that specific reason! There isn't an update about Tao's case right now, but let's hope at least one of them gets away. What's your thoughts?
LuHan and Kris signed legally binding contracts, so now they have to abide by them. I don't see anything unfair about the resolution. A lot of companies have been following these cases to see what would ultimately happen. If the 2 of them had gotten off completely free, then any person not happy with their contract would just leave also. Ultimately, this would mean the contracts weren't worth anything.
@fallchild I know it's a fair trade, that's why I am not all out bashing it. It just internally bothers me. In my little bubble I was hoping for their complete liberation. But this is the real world. *sigh* I hope 6 years pass quickly.
They signed with SM through 2022. They owe their fame to SM. They're being allowed to have control of their own careers and not being forced to either return to SM's control or leave the entertainment industry or pay some insanely high, potentially prohibitive lump-sum settlement to get out of their contracts. Considering that, I'd say the outcome is pretty fair. They have to pay a portion of their revenues to SM until the contract time is up but considering the revenues SM potentially lost and the costs (training, promotion, etc. and now legal costs) that SM has incurred because of them, this seems like a fair way to handle things.
This is just 馃槶
@BabydollBre They will still follow their own careers
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