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AOMG don't disappoint game : Results (Mature content)

So my lovely girl @amobigbang made another fun screenshot game. Thought I'd do it before I leave the house. (I know I haven't updated any stories and I haven't done any of my BTS stuff this week, it's hard with my schedule.) Anyway on to the game.
Sweet baby YEEEEEES! My man!
That's a beautiful house though it looks like if you're on the water you might get a show.
Batman because hell yes.
Simple but then again they won't be on for long.
Ridin on that surfboard.
Because ornamental blingage is the best in my opinion. Just cover the house in them.
lol hahaha you nasty
she got her man why did i get jay twice....oh this is his fault T.T
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TRI : PT 7
Loco really did not want to be this far inside phoenix territory but he was on guard duty. Not even guard duty close to the meeting. He was stuck at the front door with Zion T of the dragons. They were supposed to be a body shield if they had to evacuate. He would never have been this low in the group if Simon D was the second in command of the lions like he should have been. Nothing had gone the way everyone thought it would have. Jay was a good leader but all he cared about was how many women he could turn through his room. Loco gave a silent nod to Quiett as he passed. He wondered why the marksman was out here while his sharpshooter was inside the meeting. There was no way he would be any use up close and if anyone was going to try anything it would not work. The phoenix hotel was the tallest building in the district, nothing could even come close for miles. He could not be happier to be sitting in this room with the chief of police having this meeting. If they could avoid an all-out war, then they could keep building and enhancing the lion district. Dok2 sat quietly beside Jay keeping an eye on everyone in the room. He knew that even though guns were confiscated at the door that there were still guns in the room. He could not blame the phoenix for keeping a few hidden in the room. They were not really in on the fight right now and they wanted to stay out of it. Dok2 was not stupid though, he had a small gun of his own hidden in the front of his pants. No one dared to look there nor did anyone think someone would be so ballsy as to hide a gun there. The talk seemed to be going smoothly aside from the raging vein in Zico’s forehead. He clearly was happy with all out chaos. She loved her job she really did but this was ridiculous. She was currently being lowered down the side of the hotel wearing only a harness that was strapped around her legs and shoulders. As she got closer to the right floor she could feel the line slow down. Once in position she flipped so she could clip her ankle to the rope to keep her from swaying. Bending her body, she worked steadily to cut out a small hole in the glass near the ceiling of the room. She gently pulled the piece out clipping the device with the glass still attached to her belt. Pulling herself up to grab ahold of the rope she took a few deep breaths letting the blood redistribute itself. “You okay down there?” It was her teammate on the roof over the com in her ear. “I’m fine just getting focused.” “Well hurry we can’t get caught. The longer you take the more they are likely to notice.” “I know I’m doing it now.” Unhooking the rifle from her free leg she moved so she was back into position this time gently placing the silencer inside the hole from earlier. “Steady your hands. Down strait. More. More. Stop. Clean shot.” She was not able to see clearly through the tinting that was put on the windows to deflect the sun. Even at night it was hard to see through it; luckily her marksman had installed a camera on the end of her rifle so no matter where he was he could guide her to a perfect kill. She pulled in a deep breath slowly letting it out as she squeezed the trigger. As soon as the bullet was free from her gun she pulled it out of the hole and could feel the ropes pulling her back up. Just as expected he was there to pull her over the ledge. She handed him the gun and he quickly disassembled it into to small case that he put into his pack. She was now free of the harness that was also going into his bag as well as the black jumpsuit she had worn over her clothes. He slung the bag onto his back and she gave the tabs a firm jerk making sure it was snug on him. With a nod she patted him on the back and he was off running across the roof till he jumped from the other side. Spreading his arms and legs his suit expanded letting him glide far enough away to escape. Once he was off the end of the building she went barreling down stairs in a fake panic. @Emeaila @taetaebaozi @SeventeenBias @caitiesu @kpopandkimchi @shannonl5 @poojas @JessAS @amobigbang @B1A4BTS5ever @LilySilver @MadAndrea @ILikeHisFace123 @MayDerYang @Ercurrent @CreeTheOtaku @SamanthaRae19 @ArielaPicazo @Valerie816 @PliaVaj @TLeahEdwards @Mightmuffin @VIPFreak2NE1 @MalihaAhmed @torchix @VeronicaArtino @FalseLove @justcallmekyki @ToppDogg @meggie68 @maddiedo @karinajune1017 @VikaAlex @DawanaMason @4dalientae @JadeOwens @Eliortiz13 @Helixx @PrincessUnicorn @SilentPianist @KokoroNoTakara @Kiyofugi @unnieARMkeY @Cassierchiqua @LemonLassie @Cassierchiqua @viviano6 @BlackJackXXX @LocoForJiyong @drummergirl691 @SerenityThao @EmmaJolie @Izzy987 @Jinnyrod3 @EliseB @MelinaHernadez @resavalencia @Starbell808 @KellyOConnor @SusiBosshammer @IsoldaPazo @VKookie47 @pharmgirlerin @Msrayray95 @krin @minimonkey07 @kandle779 @BBxGD @MaritessSison @SarahVanDorn @AnnieGoodman @amberg171997 @xroyalreisx @ivyheart13 @Defy24601 @VixenViVi @MelissaGarza @jojojordy2324 @CuteBabyLay @yaya12
So how is everyone after that BTS comeback? Alive, I hope. I couldn't even fangirl because I was too busy trying to play detective and absorb all the details. But anyway, this Sunday's theme is bad noodles and the havoc they wreak on the poor fools that love them....And the vibe today is more laid back and chill not exactly slow. I don't understand this whole cheater toleration proclamation that is implemented in certain situations.... I mean kids, real talk. If you're in love with someone and they cheat, don't forgive's not worth it and it's always gonna be hanging over your relationship and that's not fair to either party, ya feel? But you live your life the way you see fit....and if you happen to be a cheater, I ain't gonna rat on you but SHAME SHAME ( ゜艸゜) Once again, children.... this playlist is heavy on the language and adult themes and such. BUMKEY FT E-SENS__BAD GIRL They're both so damn good....but dang, kick that cheatin' fool to the curb. REX.D__TO VIOLET Violet....girl, you gonn' get yours one day. Side good is my low key bae lookin'? (っ˘ڡ˘ς)♡ SIK-K FT DONUTMAN & ELO__WHAT THE HELL Try to listen to this and not get the hook stuck in your head. ♪I'M LIKE GIRL, WHAT THE HELL GOT NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU ♪ TABLO FT JINSIL__BAD LOVE IS A SICKNESS CAN I GET A WITNESS? VERBAL JINT & SANCHEZ FT BUMKEY__DOIN' IT Cold. Just so damn cold lol. GIRIBOY FT GGANMO & ZICO__CALCULATING WOMAN You tell 'em, Giri..... JAY PARK FT OKASIAN__YOU KNOW I know errybody should be played out on this song but DAMN ITS A JAM. I can't get enough. Like....I've been a booty call....ain't gonna lie. It sucked tbh and I wouldn't do it again...BUT if Jay was calling me up....I couldn't say nah. And best believe I'd be straight trippin if he said it didn't mean anything. TAEYANG FT SWINGS__AFTER YOU FALL ASLEEP YB....tsk deserve a spanking. SAN E FT JOE RHEE__USING YOU UUUUGGGH THIS SONG IS SO GOOD!! WHEESUNG, BUMKEY & JESSI__HOW MUCH IS YOUR LOVE? Jessi....why you gotta do us like that?? I'm understanding that Cheater Toleration Proclamation better now..... SIMON D__WHERE U AT? Seriously....Daddy gives some on point advice in this song. No matter if the body or the heart, their way of Being busy going ahead wasn’t that bad at all But something is left wanting If they had had more time to go a bit slower They wouldn’t have ended up indifferent towards each other Their affection would have been greater than their respective greed. Mmmmhmmm....preach it, Daddy. Well, it's been real, kids. Stay thirsty. Oh and HAPPY MONDAY....mmmhm yesss, that evil britch is coming for us already.