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Contractual dispute between SM and Kris and Luhan finally draws to a close

Kris and Luhan's contractual dispute with former agency SM Entertainment has at last drawn to a close. The court recommended for the two parties to reconcile, and the final agreement dictated that Kris and Luhan's exclusive contracts with SM Entertainment stay in force until 2022 as was originally written up. SM's representative law firm announced through an official press release on July 21, "We cannot disclose the details of the agreement but in accordance to the court's ruling and the agreement of the parties involved, Kris and Luhan's exclusive contracts will be effective until 2022 as originally contracted." The press released further revealed, "Kris and Luhan, excluding areas in Korea and Japan, will entrust jurisdiction rights entirely to SM Entertainment, and Kris and Luhan will share a part of their revenues with SM Entertainment. Needless to say, [Kris and Luhan] will not promote as members of EXO." Source: Allkpop
Soooo..... Kris and Luhan are still in contract with SM, but not promoting with or as part EXO... Tell me your thoughts.... I'm still trying to process this. My Kpop Crew: @RochelleRose @UKissMeKevin @EmilyPeacock @Winx9119 @evieevelyn @BBxGD @TheEnlightment
I don't think that's fair for the guys to still be owned by SM! They need to let them go! SM needs to set them free! It's rediculous that they're still under their umbrella! It's just stupid! SM needs to let go of the guys and let them do their own thing! They're successful anyways! SM needs to stop acting like babies and accept the fact that these boys have left! They left SM because they were fed up with the company and how it treats the employees! It's just so rediculous that they're still there! It's like they're trapped or something! It's BS, man!
@VatcheeAfandi99 As much as it sucks to say, I feel like a big part is because of money. SM gets money from having Kris and Luhan, and they get a big part of anything that there making. They probably are making a huge deal of it to keep all the money there getting, which is completely unfair to Kris and Luhan! Even though I'm not an Exo-L, I really do feel bad for them. It's a shame that all there fans and the members have to go through this.
@VatcheeAfandi99 I am with you on that~ I feel for them so bad like Kris just signed to Jackie Chans label too
I know that Tao lost the lawsuit to SM but Kris and Luhan with SM still? This hurts man. They deserve freedom from them.
SM still has them in contract for another 6 years? Makes me wonder how long was the Damn contract? 🤔
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