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For those that want to get into History and need a little help, don't be afraid to ask me questions. All these gifs are mine, I may have a problem.. Here's History for you, a 5 member male group under Loen Tree. Debuted April 23rd 2013 with the song Dreamer. The fandom is called Storia. They've done two shows Tory Tory Bang Bang and Panda PR, both are hilarious I recommend them. Music videos are Dreamer, Tell me love, What am I to you, Psycho, Might Just die, Lost and Queen!
Song Kyungil; Born November 28 1987 Leader, Sexy Bastard, Lead Vocalist, Life Ruiner, Dancer. He's a good dancer gosh, he majored in Modern Dance and Ballet, he even taught little kids ballet (hear me scream over how cute that is). He's so fine, like holy crap. Check out his butt it's a good butt. His face, and abs, and arms and he's so damn fine guys! He's got a little mole on his nose and it's adorable. His smile is the cutest just look at gif 8+9 above. Good singer: (*heart eyes*) Don't let him fool you though he's such a tease and so rude. I hate him but I love him. (ง'̀-‘́)ง (He's my bias I'm sorry...) He's also good friends with G-Dragon and T.O.P. of BigBang which I think is pretty cool ^^.
Na Dokyun; Born Febuary 11 1991 Main vocalist, cutest thing ever, mom of the group. Tallest member at 1,83 (Sihyoung and Kyungil are not far behind), has legs for days. I love his hands, just look at them. He's got a dog that's named Walnut! He does a thing and gets very embarrassed, it's so cute. He's so shy. Fantastic voice here's his solo song:
Kim Sihyoung, May 15 1992 Main rapper, visual, never fails to make me laugh. Seriously if you're feeling down count on this guy to cheer you up. "Visual" Deep deep voice ❤ Good Dancer He's got a tattoo on his arm but we have yet to acquire a good photo of it. I may be Kyungil biased, but I love this guy so much.
Kim Jaeho, September 17 1992 Vocalist, Rapper, Meme Goes from rude to nerd real quick. But he is beautiful. Please watch this it's all you need to know: (so sexy) Can't cook to save his life. Someone help him.
Jang Yijeong, September 10 1993 Main Vocalist, maknae, rapper, composer. He's the baby of the group and the other members treat him as such .. also the shortest at 1.73 He composed all the songs for their albums Beyond the History and HIM. Listen to him sing: His solo song which is a rap song (it's pretty damn good too): Very talented smol ❤ The most popular ship here is with him and our leader Kyungil. Kyungjeong. Now I don't like shipping real people but it's pretty damn hard not to ship those two. He literally called Kyungil "appa" (daddy) once, like wtf.
So there we go, they all have Instagram go follow these nerds. Kyungil: _ilstagram Dokyun: dog.yun_gram Sihyoung: kimsihyoungram Jaeho: jaehogram Yijeong: jangyijeongg Once again don't be afraid to ask if you're wondering anything, I'll do my best to answer ^^
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Yijeong also told Kyungil he's always a baby for him... omg. I love these dorks so much and I'm so glad you made this card.