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Who:Reader x Huang Zitao What:Little bit of everything/ Fashion industry AU. Chapter 5 Story: You weren't his and he sure as hell wasn't yours. You were just looking for comfort, a simple friend but it became far more than that when you discover the son of your boss is the mystery man you've been pouring your heart out to: Mr.Sandman.
Y/N's POV You sat at the table playing with your thumbs. He was looking at you carefully, taking in your features like it was the first time he'd met you. Chanyeol's kiss at your job was slightly embarrassing but you missed kisses like that, you missed him. He kept calling you Sunshine which only continued to stir the butterflies in your stomach and the fluttering of your heart. When you went to move your hand back down it grazed his ear and you couldn't help but grab it. Old habits die hard, the natural reflex to play with his ear especially with his forehead pressed against yours made you smile. He looked up at you looking ready to cry and he just buried his head into your shoulder claiming he missed you. You missed him too in all honesty, you missed laughing with him and playing with him. Those mornings when you'd sit in bed and play patty cake and have pillow fights were flooding into your head as you remembered how you two used to be. That was the real Chanyeol, the one you loved but you kept reminding yourself that he wasn't the same any more. What you told Sehun was true, you were just tired of being in love with him. It hurt to love him and it was exhausting. Tao made you laugh behind the scenes and he had reminded you of what it was like to fall in love. It's not that you were in love with him yet, he just made you feel better. He reminded you of how you and Chanyeol used to be. Right now you were nervous, he hadn't said much to you since you two got into the car. He must have found out about Chou's from Sehun; he was the only one that took you here. You were surprised that Sehun of all people told you to keep an open mind. He spent months trying to convince you to leave and now he wanted you to keep an open mind? You trusted Sehun and for him to ask you something like that when he was against it meant he'd probably seen or heard something to convince him otherwise. Though in all honesty, Sehun even sounded hesitant. Chanyeol shifted in his chair and said, "Y/N I have something to tell you but I think you already know." You looked up at him and he sighed, "For almost a year now I've- I've been cheating on you." "What?" Your eyes widened; you looked so shocked he looked like he doubted that you knew at all. You were just amazed that he had admitted it. After so long, he finally said something but you didn't know what that meant. You thought he was going to actually break up with you. "You didn't know?" he asked almost relieved. "No I knew but why did it take you so long to admit it? Why not just break up with me?" "No I don't want to break up, I want you." "That makes perfect sense you want me but you Fuck someone else daily, right?" you said slightly bitter. "Baby please don't be like that. I still love you." "Then why did you do this to us?" You said upset. Chanyeol leaned forward, his eyes showing pain and sadness. He looked away for a moment then back at you ashamed, "Jagi I love you so much but you were just never around. I needed some relief so I-" he stopped. You scoffed shaking your head, "No, you don't get to use that excuse Park Chanyeol. You ignored me for a long time and I was faithful to you." "I know." "I tried for you, I kept trying to hang out with you. I knew you were busy okay, I understood that but I planned for things when you had days off. I tried to surprise you until you eventually pushed me away so many times that you exhausted my ability to try anymore. I loved you so much that no matter how much you ignored me I still never looked to fuck someone else." "I know, I just- Y/N I do love you. I love you so much baby." You shook your head and looked down, tears were already threatening to leave your eyes. His voice when he called you those names: jagi, baby, sunshine all of them simultaneously broke your heart and made you somewhat happy to hear him say it. "Then why did you do it?" "I was weak, you were working so much I barely saw you anymore. I just wanted you, I wanted to touch you I wanted you to touch me, I wanted us to be together. You were just there one moment and gone the next. Everything had changed between us." "Yes but you let it, you started this. Do you not realize that in the three years that I've been working for that company this is the first time you've come to ask me out to lunch?" "Y/N." "Why did you do this to me Chanyeol? Do you just enjoy hurting me? Did you just come here to rub it in my face that you've been screwing someone else while you've been giving me hell, suspecting me of cheating when I haven't even done anything wrong?" The more upset you got the weaker your voice became. He stood up quickly and walked up to you lowering down in front of you and holding your face in his hands. You were crying more out of frustration than sadness. He kissed your cheeks, and your forehead. Now, you knew what happened, because you were busy working he decided to get his physical needs taken care of by that girl. Things would only get worse if you ignored it, with you and Zitao getting put on the winter fashion line you two would be separate again. Maybe it was finally time to end it, as you looked back him you couldn't let the words escape your lips. "I know you can't trust me right now but give me sometime to earn it back. I love you Sunshine. I just want you okay, I'll be better just please don't leave me." he said. The nickname Sunshine made you weaker. You tried to will yourself to say no, to say it wasn't going to work out. You could only pull his hands from his face and nod, "Fine, one last chance." you said. He seemed to breathe easier now. He pressed his lips against yours his body now hovering over yours. You placed your hands on his chest lightly pushing him up. The restaurant was full of people and they were all taking pictures of you two. You looked away after he backed up. "You're still mine?" he asked. "As long as you don't mess up again. I mean it, is her number in your phone?" you asked. He nodded silently keeping his eyes on you, "Delete it, now." your voice was more stern than you intended. You didn't think you'd be able to relax until he did though. You told Sehun you'd keep an open mind and you were. If he was going to prove it to you, Chanyeol couldn't have her number you'd have to see him delete it. He pulled out his phone finding her name and then handing it over to you. "This way you know it's really gone." he said when you looked up at him questioningly. You deleted her number and pressed the home screen to his phone. You were about to give it back when you pulled your hand back and looked at the phone's wallpaper. You started laughing to keep from crying but both happened at the same time. You covered your mouth, "What's wrong?" he asked. "You changed it back?" you said looking at him. The boys took a picture of you two sitting side by side laughing at each other. This was before you two started dating but you were flirting with each other. The full picture is of you two laughing at something but you're looking at each other as you do. The picture is too big to fit on your phone completly for a wallpaper so he has your half and you were his half. If you two placed your phones together the picture would be complete. A long time ago you noticed he changed the background but you never changed yours. You didn't know when he changed it back but it made you think he was truly serious about fixing you two. Chanyeol smiled softly at you and said, "I really do love you Sunshine." You looked at him seriously, "Chanyeol I was put in charge of the winter fashion line along with Huang Zitao. I'm going to get busy again more than before. How do I know you won't do it again?" "I won't, we'll have a standing lunch date. I'll always come to you, we'll spend time together I'll make you smile again I won't hurt you anymore. I love you Sunshine." You allowed yourself to smirk and said, "I love you too Monkey." Chanyeol smiled big at the name. His face beaming and you chuckled. That smile still existed, you loved seeing it but there was a sickening feeling at the pit of your stomach. You didn't think this would stay... Chanyeol dropped you off after lunch, he kissed you softly, your lips only touching. You turned to get out and he said, "Jagi!" You looked back at him, his eyes fell to the scarf around your neck. Then he looked back up at you, "I love you." he said gently. "I know, I love you too." you said giving him a small smile. You walked back into the building seeing Tao standing alone, his hands in his pockets waiting for you. He waved you over to him with two fingers. You made your way over looking professional and you two walked to the elevator. He once again stopped people from joining you on the elevator. You two started to go up and talked, "How was lunch with your boyfriend Dreamgirl?" he smiled. "He told me he cheated on me." He looked at you with raised eyebrows a smile on his face. You looked at him with a blank face then sighed, "He says he wants us to work." you finished. "So you told him you'd give him a chance." he finished for you. You nodded silently, "Well you do belong to him, your heart isn't mine... yet." You looked up at him and he smiled, "What do you mean yet?" you said. Suddenly, the elevator stopped. The lights flickered and turned off and you looked around wondering what happened. Tao shifted in the darkness and then the back up lights came on. You saw him standing in front of you his hands by your head trapping you against the wall. You looked up at him oddly wondering what he was doing at a time like this. He looked at you with a soft expression. "You're not scared are you?" he said. You chuckled, "I'm not a child Tao, back up a little though." "Do I have to? I want to be close to you." he said seductively. "Tao I like you a lot but-" "Shush." he said cutting you off. He leaned into your ear and whispered, "I know you still love him but he doesn't deserve you. I'll just be your friend for now. Your loving Mr.Sandman so when he screws up again you can come back to me. Then you'll be all mine right?" He didn't have to wait for you to answer. Tao was a man of his word he didn't do anything to you that you didn't give him permission to do. He pulled away from you and called his father. From what you could tell, the building was experiencing a blackout of some kind. Even his father didn't seem to know the source of it, he told you guys to hold on while they called for help. Tao then had to endure a talk with his annoying girlfriend. You were making faces and mocking her walk in the elevator while he was talking to her. Tao tried not to laugh as he continued the conversation. Apparently you were playing to much and he really didn't want her to know you were in the elevator with him so he grabbed you by your waist and pulled you into him, keeping you still. He practically stunned you. You stopped moving around and he looked down at you, his eyes intense and beautiful. You were slightly jealous, the shape of his eyes were so pretty. You could feel your face heat up and you turned your head to look away from him. Chanyeol did something similar to that and the guilt rushed through you again. You weren't capable of cheating apparently and it's not like you wanted to anyway but you now opened up a relationship with Tao you weren't really sure what to do with. He finally got off the phone with her and he released you. "Sorry I made you uncomfortable." he said. "No it was my fault for playing around to much. Anyway," You took the opportunity to create some distance and leaned against the wall beside him. You looked at him and said, "I wanted to ask you earlier, why did you give me this opportunity?" "Well it was actually pure luck but I've always kept an eye on you Y/N. I've seen your sketches, you're really impressive and you really have style. That's why I could put all my faith in you for this project." You looked at him stunned, your face was probably turning red and he laughed. You liked his laugh and it made you smile, "You're cute princess." he said brushing a loose strand of hair behind your ear. You smiled bigger at the pet name. What made him call you princess? You didn't ask, he continued to speak, "The more time we spend together the more you'll like me, even if it's just as a friend. You've got talent though Y/N I knew that long before I knew you were Dreamgirl. If this had happened months ago I still would've told my father to look at your work." You looked at him searching for some indication that he was telling a fib. You were satisfied to not find one. Suddenly, the elevator began to move again. The original lights cut back on and you sighed in relief. The doors opened up but it wasn't even on your floor. Still you and Tao walked out of the elevator and opted for the stairs. You took your heels off and walked up stairs side by side with him barefoot. You used to walk down the beach with Chanyeol barefoot that was fun, poking your feet into the sand and splashing each other with water. He would pick you up from behind and spin you around while you laughed together. The memory brought a smile to your lips. You and Tao talked about the fashion line as you headed up the stairs. You were both getting tired from walking up so many steps but continued moving while sharing stories with each other. He was explaining some ideas he had for the line and you were getting him to spit out more details for you so you could see it in your minds eye. You told him you'd sketch it out and see if he liked if. There was so much to do in so little time that you were nervous beyond belief but Tao believed in your ability to handle it all and because of that you held it together. You wanted to trust Chanyeol, that he'd be good to you. He wouldn't screw up again... A month had passed by and you and Chanyeol were getting along better. Things still weren't the same between you two but you didn't expect everything to be fixed so quick anyway. You were always slightly on edge though thinking maybe he was still cheating. Tao and you had your models for the winter chosen and you were working with Yifan, Lu Han, Seokjin and you called Yixing in for a favor. Mr.Huang was also a fan of his work so it helped you out a lot more that he decided to help. There was music playing in the background and your other models were getting dressed and practicing their walks and poses. The guys were getting their make up done but you were fixing up Yixing's suit. You had stopped a few times and told him to smile so you could press your fingers into his dimples. He looked good but him being taller than you even when you were in heels made everything harder for you. "Chanyeol's rapping has gotten so much better don't you agree?" Yixing said. You pouted, "I really wish I could say I've noticed but I've been so consumed with deadlines that I haven't." "So you're not going to the performance tonight?" he asked curiously. "What performance, there's no performance tonight that's like two weeks from now?" you said finally finishing up his tie. "Really he texted me about it being tonight but maybe I read it wrong." he said. "Well I'll call him later and ask him what's going on but for now I need you to get to walking." He nodded and walked over to join the other models. The photographer the company hired was supposed to be there ten minutes ago but he was late. You were already on edge, Tao walked over to you handing you a cup of coffee. "Is it me or has life gotten twice as hard the closer we get to the show." he said. "It could be worse we could be running around like chickens without heads." He nodded, "So where are you and the boyfriend going out to eat today?" "Uh, we're not he cancelled. He has to have lunch with a director today." you answered. "Why, is he doing a movie?" "No it's for a music video they're discussing the concept to his 'loved died' song." You answered while watching the models. "Yifan a little less attitude, you look like you're ready to attack someone." You chuckled a little. You were checking your watch compulsively and now you had what Yixing had said to you on your mind. You started to fidget where you were standing until Tao grabbed you by your shoulders and told you to sit down. "I think I forgot about Chanyeol's performance I need to call him." "Okay sure, I'll leave you to it but can you do me a favor and calm down you're making me nervous." You gave him a small smile and presses Chanyeol's number. You waited for him to answer but he didn't. Maybe he was still in his meeting, maybe he was out in the studio. Knowing how much he had cheated you didn't want to risk it, you texted Sehun asking if he'd seen Chanyeol. Sehun said he left over half an hour ago to come see you. You started to wonder and that wasn't good, the more you had time to think the more paranoid you became. Was he cheating again? After a month? It's not like you didn't warn him this time that you'd be busy. You hoped with all your heart he wasn't cheating as you pocketed your phone. That dreadful feeling was making an appearance but you had to take it one crisis at a time. If you called him again he better pick up the damn phone. Tao's POV He believed in her ability as a designer he'd never seen ideas as good as hers. He was always peeking through her papers when she wasn't looking. When his father put her in charge of the winter line he was a little shocked but proud. He hadn't expected him to put her in charge of it. She had awed everyone in the office that day. The passion that came out as she explained the colors and concepts that she had that could be incorporated with the line were fantastic. He swore he even saw his father smile. He was disappointed that she didn't break up with her boyfriend after he admitted to cheating on her. It's like she enjoyed getting hurt by him. A guy that had cheated on her for almost an entire year, he didn't see her lasting with him very long. He still wanted to see her though, she wouldn't let him touch her like a boyfriend might and he knew why, he could see the flash of guilt hitting her face when he got too close to her. She wasn't the type to cheat sure she probably flirted with him out of spite because of what Chanyeol was doing but to out right kiss and sleep with another person while she was seeing someone else wasn't in her blood. Instead, it was in her boyfriend's. When the elevator stopped and the lights went out he wanted to spook her, he wanted to kiss her but he told her he wouldn't do anything without her permission. Being so close to her he swore she could turn him on by just breathing. She was beautiful and her smile made him feel like heaven when he was having a shit day. He couldn't believe for the last past three years he had wasted time pissing her off. It was funny but that didn't compare to that smile and her laugh. Her laugh he couldn't even figure out how to classify it, it just made him feel alive. When she was mocking Ok while he was on the phone, he was trying so hard not to laugh. He didn't want her saying anything bad about Y/N. She was furious at him she he started laughing hard on the phone that morning and she bad mouthed her when he got off the phone. Then when she came up to them while they were talking, just before Y/N went with Chanyeol, she was trying to give her a hard time. Y/N was all class and always professional and that only made Ok look more like an idiot. He liked that to be honest. He kept up appearances until Y/N walked away and then he turned to say, "What the hell is your problem?" "You're with me you're sitting here flirting with another woman and you're asking what's my problem?" she said. "I wasn't flirting we were talking about the winter fashion line. My father put her in charge of it." he wanted to call her a moron but they were in public. "Wait what? He put his assistant in charge of the winter line? Why?" "Why does it matter, we were just discussing business anyway." Tao said walking away from her. "No there's more to this, you don't just go from teasing her for three years to being buddy buddy in one day. What's going on?" "Ok I'm working on the line with her I should be nice to her because things are going to get stressful soon." "She wasn't in charge this morning and you two where very chummy. I will find out what's going on Tao you better not be cheating on me, if you are you both will suffer." Ok said furious. "That's rich coming from someone like you." he said. He waved her away and walked off. After a month had passed, Tao and Y/N had worked well together, they spent a lot of time together just talking about the line though. They only sometimes got to talk about other things. When he asked how her and Chanyeol were doing, she always said they were getting along better but she was still worried. She was tired when she got home and most times she got home before him so she'd fall asleep alone. She was always wondering if he was still seeing his back up dancer but because she wanted to give him a chance she didn't say anything. When he got into bed, he was too tired to touch her. They mainly only saw each other for their standing lunch date. She was letting her job consume her more and more though, he could tell she had that constant fear of cheating. It was different now that he had admitted to it, that she had given him another chance instead of walking out and he said he wouldn't do it again. That's what started her slight paranoia. She dove into work focusing more on business than anything else. Tao and her had a great time together though, working so closely on something they both loved was awesome. She still managed to keep his father on his work schedule and handle getting the rest of the collection together just fine. When she got Yixing to help model, he was impressed by how many stars she knew. She met Yixing through another friend of hers but they had been pretty close since then. She was fixing up his suit when he was getting her coffee. She stopped every one in a while to poke his dimples which distracted her for a second. Did she do that when she was nervous? She was still kind of fidgeting with his suit when he was walking back but by the time he reached her he left. She wasn't nervous, she was stressed; the photographer was late by ten minutes but those ten minutes were driving her nuts. She took the coffee and when he asked about where her and Chanyeol where going he was surprised they weren't meeting up for lunch. He had a meeting with a director for his music video he was making and he inwardly thought that was a legit reason but he could see she was feeling unsure. He had to call to one of his models to stop frowning so hard, he really did look mean; he heard her chuckle beside him. That was a good sign but she was still checking her watch and fidgeting around so he made her sit down. She thought she forgot about a performance of his so he left her alone to take the call but when she ended up by his side again she was even more wound up. "Did you get a hold of him?" he asked. "No and that's what's pissing me off, so I just want to focus on this for right now." "Hey." Tao wrapped his hand around hers and she looked at him. "I know you stressed out but try and relax, there could be a number of reasons in the world why he's not picking up his phone, it doesn't mean he's cheating." She nodded, even though she relaxed while feeling him hold her hand she was still wound up a bit. When they parted for the night, he expected her to find out she was just freaking out over nothing. Instead twenty minutes after walking through his door he got a text from her: Dreamgirl: Mr.Sandman bring me a dream. I'm at the Starfish hotel please come to me.
Sorry, I tried to make this chapter interesting and end it well. I'm getting distracted by another story I've been wanting to write but I've neglected it for a while so I may be posting it while I'm posting this one. I've been focusing a lot on Exo but this other story involves Monsta X. I will try to be better with updates lol thanks for reading I really hope you enjoyed. ~BabydollBre Tag list: @kpossible4250 @jaysbae13 @princess2425 @Tiffany1922 @Anna5221 @VKookie47 @yaya12 @Starbell808 @kisashimizu16 @Mrsax2018 @dchapple45 @matty0203 @loljan17 @priscy513 @elishafisher @griseldazenger @Alyessiazavala @Parktaemi @sarahdawish @JaxomB @Queenlee @JessicaEvaristo @emilycayetano @herosbells @JasmineGregory @Animezkpopgirl @Xionheart @isisMayaVelasco @Melissagarza @makidabebe @orihemay @Queenlele
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"Really he texted me about it being tonight but maybe I read it wrong." he said. "Well I'll call him later and ask him what's going on but for now I need you to get to walking." (yup he gon cheat on her again. dammit) *continues reading*
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